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Shawnee is a city in 25 trading company ada ok County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 31,543 in 2014, a 4.

9 percent increase from 28,692 at the 2000 census. With access to Interstate 40, Shawnee is about 45 minutes east of the attractions in downtown Oklahoma City. The area surrounding Shawnee was settled after the American Civil War by a number of tribes that the federal government had removed to Indian Territory. West Shawnee trail crossing near present-day Kickapoo and Main streets. With the cattle drives, railroads were constructed through the territory, with the government forcing tribes to cede rights of way. In 1871 a Quaker mission was established here. The current Mission Hill Hospital is located near that site, now occupied by an historic building.

That first missionary, Joseph Newsom, opened a school in 1872. Beginning in April 1889, the United States government succumbed to the pressure that had built to open the tribal lands to white settlement. It was also making policy to encourage Native Americans to assimilate into the mainstream society. By allocating communal lands to individual households and extinguishing tribal land claims, Congress was preparing the territory for eventual statehood. The Dawes Act allocated the tribes’ communal lands into 160-acre plots to individual tribal members believing it would support a family farm. Tribal members were registered with records known as the Dawes Rolls established for each tribe.

The first Land Run took place in the central area of Oklahoma Territory in 1889 known as the Unassigned Land. Then in the Land Run of 1891 onto surplus land of the Sac and Fox, Citizen Pottawatomie and Shawnee, just east of the original run, was opened for settlement. Beard claimed his quarter section of land in 1892. In the early spring of 1895, Mr.

For the first few years of the new century, Shawnee was undergoing a boom that came close to keeping pace with that of Oklahoma City. Located in the heart of cotton, potato, and peach country, Shawnee quickly became an agricultural center. By 1902, there were seven cotton gins in the immediate area and two cotton compresses. The population grew from 250 to 2,500 from 1892 to 1896. In 1903-1904 the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway extended service to town, after being given land inducements from Henry Beard and James Farrall. Oklahoma Baptist University opened in 1910. Its first building, Shawnee Hall, was a gift from the citizens.

In 1930, voters elected to move the county seat of Pottawatomie County from Tecumseh to Shawnee. The courthouse was built with New Deal funding, and opened in 1935. Downtown Shawnee is an excellent example of many Main Street communities that emerged in the late 19th century as part of the westward movement. Choosing not to organize its activity around a central square, as did many towns in New England, the South, and upper-Midwest, Shawnee represents a distinctly western model of urban development.