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by on 22.07.2018

Please forward this error screen to 104. At Carolina Skiff we think the true freedom of boating begins before a boat even touches the water. Carolina Skiff is one of the most durable, versatile and economical boats built today. Carolina Skiffs carolina skiff dealers currently being used by fishing and dive guides, the US Government, state and local agencies, construction companies and recreational boaters all over the world.

With proper weight distribution the Carolina Skiff hull may self-bail correctly. This does not mean that Carolina Skiff, Inc. Carolina Skiffs are built tough and virtually unsinkable using a proven and patented, sealed foam box beam construction process. Carolina Skiff hulls contain no wood to rot, even the transom is high density foam with a fiberglass core.

All hulls exceed the US Coast Guard requirements for stability and floatation. Nearly the whole process of building a Carolina Skiff is done in one step. We pre-cast our transom and foam flotation, when use the pre-cast foam for the basis of our stringer system. Even cut into three pieces the Carolina Skiff still floats. The vast volume of floatation and the positive buoyancy allows the Carolina Skiff to handle heavy loads with ease.

This also allows the hulls to handle the weight of four stroke engines. The increase in the foam logs went from 4×6 logs to 6×8 logs. The Caronlina Skiff Semi’V-Series Model is designed to give you the best is skiff technology. You get the same patented double hull construction and design process as in all our skiff models. Just like out DLX skiffs you also get an unsinkable boat that is stable, durable and efficient. The Carolina Skiff J-Series Model is designed for the economy minded fisherman. You get the same patented double hull construction and design process as in all our skiff models, plus you get the same peace of mind from having a virtually unsinkable boat that is very stable, durable and almost maintenance free.

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