Civil war tokens for sale

by on 26.06.2018

Display boxes are in good condition with one small defect on side of one of them as seen in picture. Civil war tokens for sale for sale is a display case of Civil War artifacts from the Battle Of Resaca, Ga.

It has a date of February 11, 1864 with a serial No. CIVIL WAR DUG ARTIFACTS from COLD HARBOR 15 PCS INCLUDING U. This is a round carved wooden stand – is PERFECT for displaying your favorite canister or cannonball. The stand is finished in a rich, dark lacquer. IDENTIFIED ON THE REVERSE OF THE DISPLAY BOX IN FOUNTAIN PEN.

Here is a nice lot of civil war dug iron pieces. Decent cuff button with no shank, and nice brass. I usually put a ruler in the pictures for size reference. NO CERTIFICATE OF PLACE DATE ETC. This item would be a nice addition to a collection or display. All in a nice enclosed box with glass cover. Our goal is to provide YOU with a quality product at a fair price, with fast and friendly service!

Civil War Artifacts Union Eagle I Buttons Recovered On Folly Island S. Union Eagle “I ” Buttons or infantry buttons recovered from a pit on Folly Island SC. IN A PRESENTATION CASE GREAT FOR ANY COLLECTOR. The two artifact grades are rusted off or broken ramrods.

These are too short to actually function as a ramrod unless you re-thread it and use it with a typical black powder handle. Preowned case of civil war artifacts excavated from battlefields and campsites. 36 caliber colt, williams cleaner, boot toe tap, coin button and a . I bought this 40 years ago. 6 pieces glued on green felt in glass case. Dug in a union camp supporting the Vicksburg siege lines.

The 3 bullets are placed in a molded display case and are NOT glued down. The COA also states the caliber of each bullet and more information. Great addition to any Civil War Collection. All the artifacts are found around Charleston SC. Civil War Artillery 30lb Parrot artifact.