Coal token price guide

by on 29.07.2018

Please forward this error screen to 83. A guide to all the wagons in Black Desert Online and their coal token price guide parts. Wagons are used primarily for trading and hose training. Much like ships, wagons also have a finite amount of time it can be used before it breaks down.

Merchant Wagon and White Wagon can be only made with the Wagon Workshop in Altinova. Trade Wagon can be only made with the Wagon Workshop in Calpheon. Filmsy, Shabby and Farm Wagons can be simply brought from the stable NPC for 35k, 100k, and 180k respectively. You can connect your horses to your wagons in the stable and train them much like you would train an individual horse. The differences is that you can train multiple horses at once and you don’t have to feed them carrots to replenish their stamina.

Your only limitation will be the lifespan of your wagon as this decreases steadily with usage. Wagon Speed is based on the wagon only and has nothing to do with the horses you attached to the wagon. The weight limit affects how much good you can carry. If you are carrying goods over the weight limit, there is a good chance that some of the goods will be destroyed if you hit a bump in the road. This is also reflected in the Impact Absorber rating. If this happens, you will need to restore its Durability by using the recovery option in Stables or purchase a High-Quality Wagon Repair Kit from Stable NPCs for 2000 silvers.

This will increase your durability by 1000 with a cooldown of 5 mins. All wagons can be outfitted with 5 different wagon parts to enhance speed and carry weight. The wagon parts are divided into two categories: 2-wheeled wagons and 4-wheeled wagons. You can use any of the 2-wheeled wagon parts on the 2-wheeled wagons but you cannot use them on 4-wheeled wagons and vice versa. Additionally, wagon components for different wagons have different stats. White Wagons seems to have the most effective wagon parts in terms of stats.

To equip a wagon part, simply press F2 near your wagon to open the Mount Information window and then click on the wagon parts in your inventory to equip them. There is no safe enchant range for them but the first couple levels are fairly easy to get. There isn’t much data on how much stats they increase per enchantment level but I have compiled a chart of what is known so far. Wagons and Wagon Parts can be crafted via the Wagon Workshop and the Wagon Parts Workshop respectively. While Wagon Workshops can be found in Olvia, Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Altinova, the best locations for them are in Calpheon and Altinova. Calpheon Wagon Workshop requires 14 Contribution Points to set up while the one in Altinova requires 11 Contribution Points.

The workshop in Altinova is much better as it allow you to craft the Merchant Wagons that are almost as good as the Noble Wagon but much cheaper. Like the boat workshops, Wagon Workshops require require its components to be processed individually. This means that to be time efficient you really have to use more than one worker. You can assign as many workers as you want, as long the workers are from the city that is connected to the city with the Wagon Workshop via nodes. This also means that you can start the wagon crafting processing before you have all the materials as the workers can just work on the materials you have. Wagon Parts require all the components to be present but you only need a single worker to craft them. There are three tiers of Wagon Parts Workshop and which one you need depends on what wagon parts you trying to craft.

Heidel, Calpheon and Altinova all have Tier 3 Wagon Parts Workshop. Heidel and Calpheon Wagon Parts Workshop costs 11 Contribution Points while the one in Altinova costs 13 Contribution Points. The easiest and cheapest way to obtain the Filmsy Wagon is buying it off the stable NPC for 35k. Altinova but it is a huge waste of mats and time. To craft it you would need the following.

Note that the better Shabby Wagon costs the same mats to craft as the Filmsy Wagon so there is absolutely no reason to craft the Filmsy Wagon at all. Stats wise it has 6 slots and a maximum weight limit of 270 LT. It also has the lowest Impact Absorption of any wagon, at a rating of 70 compared to 80 in other wagons. Lifespan is the lowest at 148,501 as you can expect. Left is the wagon alone and the right is the wagon outfitted with Shabby Wagon parts. The easiest and cheapest way to obtain the Shabby Wagon is buying it off the stable NPC for 100k. Olvia but it is a huge waste of mats and time.

Stats wise it has 8 slots and a maximum weight limit of 360 LT. Lifespan is the second lowest at 247,501. To craft them, you will need the following mats and a Level 1 Wagon Parts Workshop. Left is the wagon alone and the right is the wagon outfitted with Strong Wagon parts. This wagon cannot be brought off vendors and must be crafted in either Heidel or Calpheon. Stats wise it has 10 slots and a maximum weight limit of 450 LT. Lifespan is the second highest at 495,001.