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To report a problem please use the Contact Us form at the foot of the Full Site version of the forum page. Join Date Apr 2013 Location Somewhere cold! Just looking for some genuine feedback on this product. I am looking at it for a stressy, ulcer prone ex racer who is immensely talented but his career is currently on hold due to the previous it would be fed alongside an ulcer friendly diet, environment and routine. I only seem to see reports on their Facebook page about horses that have put on weight and filled out, not so much on the behavioural side.

We have already managed the weight side quite well I think so I’m looking for a digestive and ‘calming’ supplement and it would be ideal if it was the same product! Will be interested in knowing more. She is sponsored by them but the change in one stressy, ulcer type horse has been amazing. I have not tried it yet but I am pretty tempted. I give it to Gray and the first tub I bought I went through like no ones business.

They scoops hold 20g so I had been massively over dosing my horse – whoops! In all honesty it has probably taken a wee bit of the edge off of him but no more so than any other calmer I have tried. I have seen the posts on FB and then tried to find info and got no where. Glad I’m not the only one who can’t seem to find much info! Kind of wish I hadn’t looked at the ingredients on my tub now! He is certainly not a wild beast but inwardly stresses about situations rather than kicking off about it, so I was just hoping something may just take the edge off. It took mine a few days to get used to eating it.

I’m here, I’ll just confirm that there is no ‘they’ of Equinox just Sarah and her Hubby, they bought the product to the UK market after almost loosing one of their horses following complications after a simple surgery, Sarah wanted other people to be able to benefit from the thing that saved her horses life – not to fleece or deceive any one! OP – there are lots of testimonials on the FB page from people who have noticed a calming or less stressful outlook from their horses – i can put you in contact with these people if you’d like to talk to some of them directly? If anyone would like to give me any feed back on the customer service or product i’d be happy to pass this on in a bid to improve on anything you thought unsavoury or pushy? A good horse is never a bad colour.

A good rider can hear his horse speak to him, a great rider can hear his horse whisper, but a bad rider won’t hear his horse even if it screams at him. Its a close friend of mine who is the UK distributor of this product and i know that there has never been any intention to deceive or hide any information regarding the product and I know Sarah would be more than happy to answer absolutely any questions you have r. I think you have misinterpreted my post. There is a long list of things this supplement will ‘help’ with but not very many ingredients from what I can find. I was trying to out them for making false claims. I have also heard glowing reports about Feedmarks ulcer supplement and how that has transformed many a TB who has come out of racing. Funnily enough I have started him on the Feedmark Gastric Comfort, a bit too soon to see any results but I wasn’t sure it would help his anxiety.

However, it does very clearly contain the majority of the recommended ingredients for ulcer prone horses, so I purchased on those grounds alone! We provide a range of accommodation including the country’s finest five star hotels with award-winning restaurants. We offer short breaks to some of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK including Bath, Cotswolds, Lake District, Yorkshire and Devon. Get away from it all, relax and enjoy, with offpeakluxury.