Feathercraft boats

by on 04.06.2018

Feathercraft boats also have many unused 1970s and 1980s Century boat decals and many Yachting magazines from the 1930s to 1970s. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Click an image for full view.

Some of the better-known makers of folding boats: Atlatl. Look for a test report to appear here in the spring of 2003, hopefully. Bergans of Norway have sold  folding canoes for many years under the Ally name. Bergans currently offers five canoe models and one 5. The kayak is a bit unusual in construction. It’s around 18′ long, which makes it among the longest singles made. Sea Kayaker gave this boat excellent marks for performance but noted it was the most difficult boat to assemble they’d encountered, and includes a rubber mallet to assist the process!

The manufacturer replied that once left assembled for a while, the hull and frame take a set and subsequent assemblies become easier. Folbot was originally an English company, founded in 1933 by a German émigré by the name of Jack Kissner. He moved the company to New York in 1935, and then to South Carolina in 1953, where he expanded the line into a wide variety of boats. March of 2003 that they were switching to a year-round fixed price. One of the newer manufacturers, Canada’s Feathercraft is probably the most innovative maker of folding kayaks out there, with many unique designs, materials and accessories.

Factory support is said to be first-rate. One correspondent, who lives a few blocks from the factory, tells me Feathercraft repaired a loose hinge pin while he waited. In 2002 they announced a range of four folding sit-on-top kayaks- certainly a first for the industry. The new boats aren’t folders so much as inflatables with a folding frame. Feathercraft kayaks have a reputation for being difficult to assemble- but  if done right, even the most complex of the Feathercrafts goes together in a straightforward manner. The newer boats are have a number of improvements that simplify assembly and make them easier to assemble.

The first time I assembled a pre-1998 K1 Expedition it took me an hour and 15 minutes, using the factory instructions but not the video. Folding Kayak Newsletter subscriber you’ve already read about it. I’ve been speaking with First Light’s Martin Ross who tells me he expects to launch the boat in the US this April or May. The first boat is a 4. 2 meter boat with a maximum load of 265 pounds and a weight of  17 lbs! Clicking on the Fujita name to the left will take you to Fujita’s web site, but unless you speak Japanese there’s not that much to read yet. Klepper was for years the name in folding kayaks, and indeed it was a stock Klepper double that Dr.

Hannes Lindemann crossed the Atlantic with in 1956. Klepper kayaks have probably been used on more expeditions to remote parts of the world than any other folding boat. Klepper’s line has long included a wooden framed double, a single,  a mini, and an aluminum framed mini. The wooden single and double are available in basic and expedition models, with reinforced hulls and extra deck hardware, and the double is also available in a civilianized military model called the Quattro that’s probably the most stable and seaworthy kayak ever made. In 2002 they announced three new models: First is the XXL, an enlarged version of the classic Aerius II. Second, the A2000 is now the Tramp, though what the specific changes are, I’m not sure. More here when I learn it.

02,  isn’t really a new boat, but the reintroduction of an old Klepper model, the T9. Klepper also offers a wide variety of accessories, including spraydecks, rudders, and a great selection of sails ranging from simple downwind sails to full marconi rigs with jib, mainsail, and leeboards. Kleppers can easily last 50 years or more, with little maintenance, and their resale value is very good. As of a few years ago Klepper signed with an exclusive US distributor, but Klepper West are once again importing boats directly form Klepper in Germany. I’ve suggested to the owner that a directory of dealers would be a nice thing to have for prospective buyers. Mark Ekhart has long been known as a Klepper dealer, the preferred Klepper repair shop, and a customizer of boats and maker of specialized accessories. In the last few years he’s been making replacement decks and hulls for Klepper boats, and now he’s making complete frames as well.