Mercedes parts

by on 15.08.2018

Get resources specific to your vehicle. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ PARTS Quality parts you can trust. Owning a Mercedes-Benz means never having to settle for anything less than the best. Quality doesn’t simply reside in how well a part functions mercedes parts the get-go: it’s a function of how well it performs over time.

Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts affords you measurable differences every mile you travel. Longevity, safety and warranty are just a few of many reasons to buy Genuine Parts. Rest assured knowing Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are fully covered by our Parts Limited Warranty for up to four years. Air Filter Unlike other aftermarket filters, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Air Filters feature more pleats, and are made with a softer rubber gasket in order to seal more tightly.

High-quality filter material holds up well against snow, water and other harsh road conditions. Protects your engine from harmful dirt particles, gravel and other debris. The soft rubber gasket seals tightly, helping prevent unfiltered air from entering the engine. ISO 5011-2000, which measures filtration efficiency using diesel soot.