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by on 11.04.2018

Please forward this error screen to 91. Welcome model kits uk the Cotswold Heritage Steam Engine website. This website currently details a small selection from our model steam engine catalogue range.

Here at Model Steam Engines UK you will find a selection from the Cotswold Heritage model steam range – custom made and accurately scaled! Comprehensive information covering our model steam engine range may be found in our 50 – page full colour model steam engine catalogue availiable either to download or in printed format. Model Steam Engines UK for model steam engines. Steam plant models by Model Steam Engines UK – buy model steam engines online.

Model Steam Engines – Cotswold Heritage for Model Steam Engines, Steam Plants, Boilers and Accessories based in Warwickshire, UK – Welcome! Here at Model Steam Engines UK you will find the Cotswold Heritage range of Model Steam Engines and Kits for the Model Engineer to machine. Our miniature steam engines and models steam plants are manufactured in our facility near the historic town of Stratford upon Avon. With the exception of the kits for Model Engineer to machine in the Model Engineering workshop, Cotswold Heritage offers all steam engine models in fully factory finished ready to run form. Each steam model is hand built to the highest standards and fully tested by our skilled craftsmen. In most cases there is a choice of colour and we are always happy to discuss special requirements when building factory finished to order model steam engines. For the enthusiast with limited model engineering workshop facilities and time Cotswold Heritage offer a range of ready machined and painted steam engine kits.

Click here for our online machined steam engine kit range. For the discerning collector of fine steam engines, Cotswold Heritage has established what is termed the ‘Premier Range’. These models represent our finest model steam engine productions and include a wealth of detail. Not available as steam engine kits, the Premier steam models are fully factory finished exhibition quality pieces in their own right. Click here for our Premier Steam Engine collection. Factory built and tested, Cotswold Heritage Steam engine plants offer a range of model steam engines and boiler combinations to suit most needs. Whilst it is possible to configure any model steam engine in our range as a steam plant, we are always happy to discuss special customer requirements in terms of model stream engine plant specification and advise as required.

The construction of the model engine will have been serialized in one of the popular model engineering magazines. What a tumultuous year, and who would dare predict the future? Perhaps “Life on the Hill” and “Terminal Eurocrasy” will both soon change for the better – we’ve certainly got our fingers crossed! Whilst we’re all waiting however what better a distraction than the workshop? We defy you to worry about NATO whilst turning a 4-cylinder crankshaft or milling dovetails. Having enjoyed healthy exports for many years, Hemingway has recently crossed a threshold in that our next order is now more than likely to arrive from outside of the UK.

If you’re ordering from outside the UK, please don’t miss out on this silver lining! The Seal Major – a Perfect “IC” Project? Seal Major has been built to a very high standard. Michael has also included a vertical distributor, water pump and radiator to his own design. Watch the unsilenced engine later in the video – a lovely crisp crackle! This engine is a 30cc version of Westbury’s “Seal”. Designed in 1950, the Seal Major has been used in both 4ft – 6ft boats and 5″ scale locomotives for the past 66 years.

It presents the constructor with a challenging yet “do-able” project – you’ll find plenty to learn along the way and huge satisfaction when it finally fires! While the ordinary hacksaw is an indispensible hand tool for all metal workers, the manual labour involved in operating it is tedious when a great deal of cutting has to be done on large metal sections. To earn its keep however, a powered hacksaw must be man-enough for the job but also small enough to avoid dominating the workshop. Westbury devoted a great deal of thought and experimentation to this design which is surely the world’s most compact.