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The anti-Communist socialist Bundist movement continued to exist as a political party in independent Poland in the interwar period as the General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland, becoming a major, if not the major, political force within Polish Jewry. After the war, the International Jewish Labor Bund, more properly the “World Coordinating Council of the Jewish Labor Bund”, was founded in New York, with affiliated groups in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. While the Jewish Labour Bund was a trade union as well as a political party, its initial purpose was the organisation of the Jewish proletariat in Russia, Poland and Lithuania. A staunchly secular party, the Jewish Labour Bund took part in kehillot elections in Poland. Bundist ideology, expressing its focus on solving the challenges confronting Jews in the country in which they lived, versus the “thereness” of the Zionist movement, which posited the necessity of an independent Jewish polity in its ancestral homeland, i. Eretz Yisroel, of the Labor of Israel, to secure Jewish life. The Jewish Labour Bund did not advocate ethnic or religious separatism, but focused on culture, not a state or a place, as the glue of Jewish nationhood, within the context of a world of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic countries.

Let us consider the case of a country composed of several national groups, e. Each national group would create a separate movement. All citizens belonging to a given national group would join a special organisation that would hold cultural assemblies in each region and a general cultural assembly for the whole country. The Jewish Labour Bund, as an organization, was formed at the same time as the World Zionist Organization. The Bund eventually came to strongly oppose Zionism, arguing that emigration to Palestine was a form of escapism.