Small skid steer for sale

by on 31.08.2018

Small skid steer for sale warranty does not cover normal wear items, including but not limited to, hoses, ground engaging parts such as, cutting edges. All defective parts will be routed by Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc with freight or delivery charges to be prepaid to the manufacturer. What makes us a better choice for you? Demo-Dozer reduces the need for laborers, which translates to, less workers comp and payroll taxes.

Demo-Dozer improves production on projects with quicker completion times and less time in and out of the tractor. Demo-Dozer saves time with fewer attachment changes or attachment purchases. Demo-Dozer’s high quality and design has been built for speed and efficient production. Pro Series 30     30″        4. Pro Series 36     36″        4. You can now buy one splitter and reap the benefits of a variety of different splitting wedge configurations.

At TM Manufacturing we specialize in speed, and with single, 4-way, and 6-way splitting heads, nothing is faster than the Pro 2. If the standard splitting heads aren’t enough for you, contact us and we’ll make you a custom splitting head that is perfect for your project. Optional Rock Bucket insert, when   installed closes the tine gap from 6 inches to three, converting the floor into a rock bucket. Series splitters are designed for residential and light commercial use, and are TM’s most affordable splitters. With a faster cycle time and a smaller wedge than the HD and Pro series splitters, the warrior is ideal for splitting your wood into smaller pieces.