Small skiffs for sale

by on 09.09.2018

Please forward this error screen to 104. Please forward this error screen to 162. Plans for the new Nauset Marsh Skiff. Hull has been sheathed with epoxy and fiberglass cloth, primed, and painted with small skiffs for sale custom mixed Epifanes 2-part poly urethane paint.

Strip planked side decks and flotation have been installed , custom console is modeled, Yeti cooler in place. Here’s the finished boat , out in Wellfleet Harbor. This is the first Swampscott dory, built in 1978 for Dr. 7, for their son in 2013. Here is a detail shot of the last Swampscott I built- locust stem and breasthook , Cedar topsides planking, Marine ply garboards, copper riveted, Oak rub rails. Here’s the boat, finished except for the final oiling of the bare wood.

Garboard of the 650D in place. This light weight racing boat has no timber stem, so the stem jig keeps it all lined up. All painted up  in Dutch orange, ready for oarlocks and sliding seat. The Drake 19 is a cruising row boat  designed by Clint Chase . Here the stems and keel have been fabricated and installed in the building jig, and the garboards have been fit and fastened. The boat has been planked, epoxy coated, and is being lifted off the building jig.

Here’s the Drake 19 fully finished, ready to go. I run the one-man boat shop you see on these web pages. I build boats using wood as the main structural material, one at a time, in my shop in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Fabric composite construction, I can build a boat suited to your particular needs. Most of my boats are based on traditional designs that have stood the test of time and sea. They are not the fastest or glossiest boats on the waterfront. They are comfortable and efficient, gaining character and patina with use, age, and care.