Token value

by on 24.06.2018

Black is a token of mourning. Malnutrition is a token of poverty. Token value seashell was a token of their trip. Judicial robes are a token of office.

She has a talent as a painter, and by the same token has a sharp eye for detail. But before the former First Lady left the Obama Administration, the Tanzanian Ambassador wanted to give her a token of esteem. Eventually, it was gifted to Czar Peter the Great as a token of goodwill between the Germans and Russians. Does Team Hillary Want a Democratic Challenge?

Whoever is in need of help the world over, by that token has a claim on us. And twice he had been oblivious to that token of their maturing understanding. And the women would slowly nod their heads in token of assent. But Alice responded only by moving her head slowly, in token of refusal.