Trade coin

by on 02.07.2018

Bad Request There was an error in your request. Sell and buy your Trade Dollars at ebay. The values depend very strongly on the trade coin of the coins.

If the grade is better than xf the coin could be worth much more! Trade Dollar United States Trade Dollars were authorized under the Mint Act of 1873, which had suspended production of the silver dollar. The new silver coins carried different specifications and were struck primarily for the purpose of export trade with Asia. The Trade Dollar was designed by William Barber and was loosely based on the design of contemporary silver coins in circulation designed by Christian Gobrecht. The obverse features an image of Liberty, seated on bales of merchandise in what appears to be a harbor or beach by the sea.

Her right hand extends an olive branch, and her left holds a scroll inscribed LIBERTY. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST appears at the base, with the date below and thirteen stars surrounding. On the reverse, a bald eagle is pictured with its wings spread and a bundle of arrows and a branch in its talons. Under the eagle is the weight and fineness of the coin, appearing as 420 GRAINS, 900 FINE. The inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TRADE DOLLAR appear above and below, with E PLURIBUS UNUM appearing on a banner directly above the eagle. Except for some minor modifications, this design would remain the same until the last coins of the series were struck.