Trick my skiff

by on 19.08.2018

In the previous two trick my skiff, the Imperial fleet had driven the Rebels from one hiding place to another, and the Emperor was now planning their doom by constructing a new, more powerful Death Star space station. The half-finished super-structure Death Star was seen in the distance, as an Imperial Star Destroyer moved toward it. The droids were met at the gate by a mechanical arm with an electronic eyeball.

The grotesque, repulsive and bulbous slug-like Jabba the Hutt, smoking a hookah, was surrounded in his audience chamber-court by other smugglers, pirates, and thieves. R2-D2 activated Luke’s message with his holographic projector. When taken back to Jabba’s throne room, C-3PO watched as an alien band and dancers performed for Jabba’s entertainment. Jabba’s invitation to come closer, was tugged on a leash and deposited through a trapdoor into an underground cavern where she was consumed by a ravenous beast. Jabba refused to negotiate, threatening to turn Han into Bantha fodder, as he was led away and placed in Chewie’s cell. Han’s pal was overjoyed to see him.

Han was disbelieving that Luke was a Jedi Knight attempting to rescue him. Luke, Han, and Chewie awaited their fate on a tiny skiff nearby. The vessels floated and sped across the desert sand dunes to the pit of Sarlacc – where the creature’s gaping mouth filled with teeth awaited them. Rocket-pack-propelled Boba Fett and the second skiff of guards attacked, ending up with Boba Fett tumbling into Sarlacc’s gaping mouth. Lando was also precariously dangling from a loose cable over the pit close to the monster’s mouth with Han hanging above him from the skiff to assist, while Chewie was injured. Han rocketed away in his Millennium Falcon with the others – they had plans to rendezvous with the assembled Rebel Alliance.

Luke set a course to the Dagobah system, to keep his promise to Yoda to return for more training. In time, he will seek you out. And when he does, you must bring him before me. It was clear that Yoda, at least 900 years old, was becoming older, weaker, and more frail: “Soon will I rest. Luke pleaded with him not to die – “But I need your help.