V drive boats for sale

by on 07.06.2018

REX MARINE Polished aluminum foot throttle gas pedal. Classic, 2 rib fiberglass bucket seats for your jet or v-drive hot rod boat. Hand laminated and reinforced with Core Mat, v drive boats for sale seats are light, but strong. Up for sale is a new polished aluminum stringer mount foot throttle.

Up for sale is a new polished aluminum floor mount foot throttle. Drag boat v drive brace kit. We build radius rods to your specs. Clean historical document for a 1971 Sanger Flat bottom V-Drive.

We did test it and it worked properly. Here is a nice Casale split case v-drive. It is not complete, needs gears, mid plate and gasket kit to complete. It is a 12 – degree V-drive, 1. 25″ input shaft, keyed 1″ output shaft. Our kit replaces existing leaking j-drains and converting it to a 1″ twist-in style drain plug. Also supplied is a 1″ stainless steel twist-in drain plug.