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25 janv. Pour la vente de véhicules d’occasion vous pouvez créer rapidement des formulaires CERFA: CERFA * Demande de certificat. Demande de certificat d’immatriculation établie au moyen du formulaire cerfa n° * Demande de certificat d’immatriculation établie au. Demande de certificat d’immatriculation (cerfa ). – Certificate of conformity from the French branch of the maker (evidence that the car complies with.

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Carte Grise : documents CERFA gratuits à télécharger

You can update these preferences at any time via your profile. Every English language in France will have multiple of posts on this topic. The information is easy to find in English. The information they need is all on the V5 and the certificate of conformity and the computer will give them the rest when they punch in the numbers from cerfz so just fill in the bits you can and let the system do the rest.

Thank you for that, I missed out the word forum. Registering an imported car has been covered time after time.

Request a Duplicate Registration Card

Hi, Thanks for your feedback, I am sure there is plenty of posts out there and has been covered many times but so many of you good people have info to hand which really is what I was looking for. Sue, really my sticking points are the quitis fiscal and how does one work out the chevaux fiscal or is there a chart out there somewhere. You need to get the Quitus Fiscal from your local tax office. You will need your V5 and a recent utility bill to prove your address.


If the V5 is not in your name you will need a Bill of Sale showing the sellers details and your name. There is no charge for the QF. Apologies if you already know that! I have just imported and registered a classic car and, although I presented the proof of purchase in order to get the quittus fiscal, I was asked for it again at the final stage of registration, even though it is not on the list of documents required. If you know a friendly garagiste, it might be worth asking if he will register your car for you.

Our local one did 2 for me and only charged me for the second …. Somewhere not too far below this is a post by me entitled Quitus Fiscal.

There are a couple of very helpful links on it. We did have to go back twice though as the first time we went the guy who does the quituses had been in an accident on his way to cerfq, poor man! Then the trip to the prefecture was also much simpler than I expected and our carte Gris was with us in just a couple of days.


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Filling in Demand de certificat d’immatriculation…is there and English guide? Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of 16 total. Is there a guide in English which would take me through the form step by step? Just to clarify, you say exporting but do you in fact mean importing?

Hi, yes importing to France from the UK J.

I am in the process of doing the same thing at the moment; which bits of the form are causing you problems? X Have you subscribed to our newsletter?

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