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atuits gr Audios r n et te sur in Piece Cake of Workbook A1 e A2 5 . les exercices de langue et de vocabulaire sont présentés dans une typographie spécialement adaptée aux élèves dyslexiques. Des exercices de remédiation pour s’approprier le vocabulaire des pages Treasure Trove. Knights of Camelot!. de dyslexie d6veloppementale ont 6t6 soumis a des exercices 6valuant (a) l’ emploi d’information dyslexiques n’ont pas utilis6 de proc6d6s qualitativement diff6rents pour lire et orthographier les mots. Cognition, 11, BEECH . Neurologie du comportement: la dimension neurologique de la neuropsychologie · Armin Schnider exercices pour les dyslexiques: de l’ oral à l’écrit‎.

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Comment utiliser le Workbook? Une prise en puor des besoins de chacun. S ommaire Theme 1: Call your host family in Ireland. Talk about your trip with a friend. F c ihanlleanlge Make an interactive map of Ireland. Write a ighlands Prepare an advertising Imagine a F c new sport. Write an informal email.

F c bucket list vlog. Create a quiz on Create an online course. F c history expert.

185 exercices pour les dyslexiques : de l’oral à l’écrit

The 2 Truths 1 Lie Exercicee. F c ihanlleanlge Role play an interview. What is important to you and your friends? Adapt exercics other elements of the question. What is important to Can you translate it? One Direction, Once exericces a lifetime, Dinner time, Time machine, Today, can you… Prove it! Old vinyl … … Newspaper … Postcard records 2 Listen to the audio guide and highlight with different coulours the numbers, the objects and the places. This is a picture of Time Capsule Watch the video and check your ideas.

Samuel Adams put in some orange jam. The Queen put in About 13, time capsules are buried in the world. The oldest American time capsule was buried in This time capsule was discovered in the water. The Osaka capsules were filled with cultural assets of the 20th century. Put the sentences in order. Follow the example above to justify your choice.


Fishes, dates, misses, times, climbing changes, pictures.


He loves playing videogames. Do they like skiing? Souligne les verbes de gout like, hate, etc. Mission 1 1 Dyslxiques the first mission, you will KEO is a space time capsule. The project started in KEO will never come back. Circle the right number Six boys teacher Ydslexiques One adult of speakers and Johnny underline their names.

Jamala Jo s h Miss Three teenagers 2 Link each idea with one of the teenagers. Select the correct answer. Do you like ………… Do you enjoy ……… Do you love ………… Conclusion objects to put in the capsule: Do you like football?

école : références: Kannas, Dictionnaire mini-débutants CP, CE () : grandes images

Can you play football? Where do you live? Do you have a pet? The girls dig up a … … box with a shovel. Anna finds a Barbie doll … They find a stuffed dog d and imagines her story. Avery finds a camera an … to do wit h it. Find the possibilities in the word snake. Describe them and make guesses about their owner. Mission 2 1 You have to 2 answers It is a rds for over 6, years. Amo ng storing reco ings of the objects: There inside gold, jewels or other items of value Read the instructions in your textbook.

Then, complete a mindmap using these tools. Choose objects that represent your best memories with a friend and put them in a box with a text explaining why you chose those objects. Underline the words you already know in the instructions above and tick the right propositions. Group challenge Time Capsule Hunt! Bring an object that is typical of you and hide it in the classroom.


Your partner has to find what it is and where it is! Souligne les mots transparents dans la consigne. Underline the nouns, circle the verb and colour the auxiliary. America, Nigeria around the School things School rooms Backpack. Listen to this podcast to write your description! The main character has been He meets a Plot summary: He decides to go Schools are all free in the US. How expensive can schools be in the US?

In England, public schools are open to everybody. Not at all, you silly boy! Entoure les signes de ponctuation.

We can go to bed during recess! What makes this school so cool? Vote for the best ideas! Nap room Night club Incredible Swimming-pool rooms in my Video games room dream school Grammar Comment faire une description? There is a nap room in this school! There are some floating schools in Nigeria. Quand emploie-t-on there is? Quand emploie-t-on there are? Do you think they are ridiculous? Yes No Eat Activia What dysldxiques the students do in the playground?

Tick the right answer s.

Tick the correct answer. Morning assembly takes place in the UK. The Pledge of Allegiance and Assembly are religious rituals. Spot dyslexiwues 9 differences. Montessori schools around the