Tips for Using Rat Poison Safely

When handling rat poison, be sure to wear gloves at all times, and wash your hands afterward. Handling poison probably won’t expose you to enough of it to become critically ill, but it’s important to protect yourself as much as possible.

Don’t store your rat poison anywhere a pet can get to it. Many of these poisons are attractive to animal noses in general, and a curious pet may try to get to the package’s contents. It’s best to store the package in an airtight container, out of animals’ reach. Of course, rodenticides should also be kept out of the reach of children. It’s a good idea to store rat poison in a garage or shed to keep it away from curious kids.

Finally, remove other food sources from the area to be treated in order to get the rats to concentrate on your bait. This includes livestock feed, human food, and pet food. Edibles that distract rats from the rat poison will minimize the poison’s effectiveness.

  • Wear gloves while baiting traps, and wash your hands afterward.
  • Store unused rat poison in an airtight container where pets and children can’t get to it.
  • Remove competing food sources so rats only eat the poisoned bait.

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