City Hall creates a law to fund the Rural Insurance Premium for farmers in Louveira

As of this month of March, the Law created by the Municipality of Louveira came into effect, granting economic subsidy to fund the value of the Rural Insurance Premium to fruit producers in Louveira. The benefit, now permanently guaranteed, is now available for the payment of reimbursements for contracts entered into with the aim of protecting the fruit plantations installed in the municipality, especially grapes and persimmons. For Mayor Junior Finamore, this measure will bring more tranquility and contribute to the growth of farmers “I am very happy to be able to provide this benefit to farmers. With this money, the producer, in addition to reducing his production cost, is able to invest more in his crop, increasing his productivity and the quality of his products.

For the Agriculture Director of the City Hall, Daniel Miqueletto, the Law elaborated by the Executive and approved by the City Council made the benefit a reality that the farmer from Loure will be able to count on in the coming years. that this yearning of our farmers was met. The new law, together with the resources already provided for in the Agriculture Division’s budget, will enable farmers to contract insurance for their crops with greater ease. Producers who have taken out insurance for green pruning or second pruning of the grape can now request reimbursement”, adds Miqueletto.

To apply for the benefit, the producer who has areas with insured crops within the territory of Louveira must go to the Division of Agriculture of the Municipality of Louveira or the Casa da Agricultura (CATI) taking a copy of the policy and proof of payment of the premium amount . With these documents, the producer will fill in an Application and a Term of Commitment. Within thirty days, the reimbursement of 15% of the total amount of the insurance premium will be deposited in the farmer’s account. The period to apply for the benefit is up to ninety days after the payment of the premium value, after which the right to the benefit is lost.

“We know that this benefit is an old demand in the sector, but the same isolation is not enough for our farmers to strengthen and manage to resist the force of real estate pressure. In this way, we are also working on other important initiatives such as the provision of agricultural mechanization services, the provision of agronomic consulting, the implementation of the Municipal Fruit Growing Incentive Program – PROMIF, the execution of agreements with Agricultural Research institutions and the construction of the Producer Support Center which, among other activities, will house the mini grape juice plant”, highlights Mayor Junior Finamore.

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