What are parts of Wristwatch

  • Strap : One of the main parts of this type of watch is the mesh, strap or bracelet . It is the part that we will wear around our wrist. You can have many materials such as metal, leather or plastic.
  • The glass : How could it be less, the part that covers the face of the watch is the glass. It is usually scratch resistant and some, anti-reflection.
  • The bezel : The ring that surrounds the crystal is called the bezel.
  • Crown : That small side button with which we adjusted the time, is called the crown.
  • Sphere or dial : In this case we can say that it is the area of ​​the box where we see the numbers.
  • The box : It is the metal cover of our watch. Inside it we can see all the internal parts of our complement. 

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