Plan to avoid drowning in debt

Granja emphasizes that we must be responsible, pay the credit card on time and cancel all the expenses we have made, that is, both the current consumption that I made in the month and what corresponds to the deferred .

“This must be based on the income I receive, I cannot borrow more than 40% of my total income, either with a credit card or some type of purchase other than with a card, but it should never exceed the 40% of my total income. In addition to that, 10 or 20% should be earmarked for savings “, says the expert.

In order not to cross the 40% line, we must resort to planning, which begins with a budget in which it must be clear what the income, expenses, debts, etc. are. The specialist recommends reviewing our accounts every month, so we will identify whether or not our indebtedness is excessive.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, he suggests that, before buying, we ask ourselves: is what I am going to buy necessary? Can I wait and buy it later?

“If we start to replace all the cash with the card, we can fall into serious problems that will affect us in every way, including family health, because a person who is in debt, and who lives in a family circle, begins also to have problems because the money is not enough or the money is going 100% to pay debts, ” says El Granja.

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