Options for replacing an electric rat trap with other types of traps

No matter how simple and convenient electric rat traps may be, in many cases one or another of their shortcomings does not allow owners to use them.

In such cases, just as reliably, you can use more traditional means:

  • Conventional mechanical traps: they are much cheaper and more or less simple and effective to use. By settling in a special bait house, they will not harm anyone. If it is not a problem for you to remove a rat with a broken spine or a crushed skull from a trap, then such devices can be used;
  • Tunnel choke-traps are completely safe, but they work well mainly just for catching mice;
  • Live Traps: These devices are suitable for situations where pets or children live in the house and you do not want to put their health at risk. They are good if you don’t want to kill a rat or mouse, but plan to catch it, get it out of the house, and let it out;
  • Rodent glue and glue traps based on it, perhaps the most undesirable and inhumane means of fighting rats. Attached rodents will die for a long time on a sticky surface, or they will need to be finished on their own.

A good option (with proper and precise use) is rat and mouse poison. They are very inexpensive, effective, and if they are placed in bait houses, they are quite safe: neither children nor pets will get them.

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