7 Best Places that you must visit To Celebrate your New Year’s Eve

The new year is surely one of the biggest celebrations when everyone reunites and is extremely excited to welcome the start of a new span. At this time of the year, everyone plans something exciting and thrilling, whether it is celebrating the party with a bottle of champagne or by having a lavish dinner party. Every celebration carries its speciality. But wouldn’t you love to go to a new place and get yourself involved in their celebration? Yes! Why not! Many people choose to travel and explore different places to be a part of the new year celebration of that domain. They plan a special trip with their close ones and set off to explore a new destination and nothing seems to be more special than making beautiful memories with your special one in an elegant setup. There are various places around the globe where you can visit during new year eve and make the day too much special. And yes, if you want to make the new year setup even more special, you also place your order for delighted new year cakes and get them delivered promptly at your desired destination. If you are planning to go somewhere special but haven’t come to any conclusion in deciding the best place, then take a look at this blog. 

Following are the top 7 places around the country where you can plan to visit to make your new year eve all the more memorable and special. These places have their special ways of welcoming new year eve. 

  1. Coorg:

Coorg is well-known for its spice and coffee plantations. Apart from that the most special part about this place is its moderate climate that remains stagnant throughout the year. For the people residing in Bangalore, it is a must-visit place. Its mesmerising greenery and soothing fresh air will make you fully indulged in its setting. It is a great place to go for birdwatching and trekking and hence without any doubt this place makes itself one of the best spots to visit and celebrate the new year. You can also order a new year cake in Bangalore online and get them at your doorstep right away to double up the celebration. 

One of the special resorts, The Last resort, is encircled by plantations and this is one of the reasons you must make it your prior choice when you planning to spend your time in Coorg. The rooms are neat, peaceable and very well maintained. 

  1. Jaisalmer:

Plan your new year to spend it amid the Thar Desert, situated in Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan. None of the places can beat the exotic attraction and the maze of the desert. The grand and glorious Havelis that are in the old narrow streets is one of the best-known spots in Jaisalmer. If you are wishing to spend a relaxed and enjoyable new year eve then plan your bookings for the rooms at Hotel Paradise and indulge yourself amongst vintage walls which are around 400 year’s old.

  1. Manali:

This is one of the popular destination spots for people who love mountains. Its enticing mountains from all sides makes the place an attractive place to visit. Whether you want to spend your new year with your friends or your spouse, this place will surely make you fall in love with it. You can have multiple adventures in the valleys of the Beas River like trekking, paragliding, rafting or skiing. Don’t miss out on the lovely residence of the Wood Valley Cottage. From that place, you can spot the mesmerising views of the jumbo size mountains. The rooms are quite alluring and will give you the vibes of a home amidst the mountains.

  1. Udaipur:

This magical destination of exotic marble mosaic patterns is a perfect getaway for New Year. Udaipur, also known as the Venice of India is well known for its tantalising Aravalli hills and several engrossing lakes. It makes the perfect romantic destination in the whole universe. Pause the ongoing rush and unwind yourself in the calmness of Little Garden Guest House. The rooms will give you can classic vintage feel and will make sure that you have a pleasant and comfy stay at reasonable prices. 

  1. Shimla:

Spend your new year eve by paying a visit to the ‘Queen of Hills’.. You should never miss out on this exotic destination especially in winter. The compelling mountains coated with squeaky clean white snow is an alluring treat to your eyes and thereby making it the best spot to celebrate the new year. Enjoy the sun rays at Lords Garden Glory which is settled down amid the towering mountain peaks. You can also have a complete field of vision of the nature Shimla establishes. This place makes an amazing romantic spot for couples to celebrate any special occasion. 

  1. Puducherry:

Puducherry makes the best relaxing spot to welcome the new year. Enjoy the flavours of French cuisines, amazingly constructed streets and refreshing beaches. It’s well-known so,  known as the bohemian town that will be the best place to kickstart your new year. Go for the Beach Bubbles and make a stay wonderful and enjoyable. You can take the pleasure of viewing the beach right from that place. The hotel is packed is all luxuries starting from the gym to exotic lounges and its relaxing spa sessions. This place offers the best luxury and accommodation at reasonable prices. 

  1. Ooty:

Ooty is well known for exotic plantations which will almost give you the impression of foreign country lanes and its lively streets. Ooty is a perfect blend of British elegance and the bustling motion of Indian streets. Plan your stay at the Pebrock Heritage, which is settled right amid the blooming greenery. The place will offer you the tantalising sights of the Nilgiris. It is affordable and will make a beautiful getaway to celebrate the new year. 

Get ready to take a tour to the best destinations in India to welcome the new year. Make your forthcoming year all the more memorable by planning an amazing getaway to any of these above places.