Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9: Which should you buy?

In case you’re on the lookout for a telephone that demonstrations and performs like a legitimate leader telephone, however, don’t have any desire to pay as much as possible for it, there’s an excellent possibility you’ve wound up attracted to the most recent Pixel telephone from Google.

The Pixel 6 has extraordinary cameras, incredible battery life, an interesting plan, and an amazing processor, all in a telephone that doesn’t cost anyplace close as much as the super top-notch Smartphones from any semblance of Apple, Samsung, and Oppo. However, it’s in good company in this space. This is the OnePlus area. So how does the Pixel 6 contrast with the OnePlus 9, and which would it be a good idea for you to purchase? Peruse on or watch our video to discover.


  • Pixel 6: 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9mm – 207g
  • OnePlus 9: 160 x 74.2 x 8.7mm – 192g
  • Pixel 6: Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and Aluminum outline – IP68 rating
  • OnePlus 9: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and Plastic casing – No IP rating
  • Pixel 6: Stormy Black, Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam
  • OnePlus 9: Astral Black, Winter Mist, Arctic Sky

Contrasting numbers never recount the entire story, yet in the event that you take a gander at the estimations of both the Pixel 6 and OnePlus 9, you’ll see the two telephones are basically the same in size. Pixel 6 estimates a smidgen more limited, yet is somewhat thicker and more extensive than the OnePlus. In truth, however, there’s nothing in it. What has a greater effect on how they feel in the hand is the materials utilized and the forming of the sides.

The real edge on the OnePlus is somewhat slimmer and appears to get adjusting going sooner, and that causes it to feel a smidgen more minimal.

OnePlus’ telephone has a gleaming plastic edge versus the matte-completed aluminum skeleton on the Pixel 6. That gives Google’s telephone a somewhat more vigorous yet additional heavier feel. It’s additionally covered in Gorilla Glass Victus which is Corning’s most strong glass yet, and more solid than the Gorilla Glass 5 on the OnePlus 9.

Also, Google’s telephone has an authority IP68 rating for water and residue opposition, though Oneplus doesn’t. Albeit, the organization says it ought to endure sprinkles and minor contact with water. Simply not submersion.


  • Pixel 6: 6.4-inch AMOLED – full HD 2400 x 1080 – 20:9 proportion
  • OnePlus 9: 6.55-inch AMOLED – full HD 2400 x 1080 – 20:9 proportion
  • Pixel 6: 90Hz versatile revive – HDR10+ support
  • OnePlus 9: 120Hz versatile revive – HDR10+ support

Check out the two telephone screens next to each other and it tends to be very hard to see much in the method of a reasonable contrast between them as far as brilliance and sharpness. Truth be told, they’re practically the same. Both are a similar fulHD+ goal all things considered and both have AMOLED-based screens. To our eyes, the pinnacle splendor appeared to be a little more brilliant on the OnePlus, indeed, generally speaking, the screen is more splendid, and that helps lift the hazier parcels or shadows in the video. However, in truth, there’s truly not a great deal in it.

Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9
Google Pixel 6

What colors look like on the showcases relies particularly upon how you set the adjustments. Each includes its own choice inside the menu to change the general appearance. Switch them both to clear or helped mode and shadings will fly, with OnePlus marginally going touch more over the top with the over-soaked look. Change to ‘normal’ mode and shadings become somewhat more muffled on the two Smartphones, with the two looking very comparable here.

In their default modes, with Pixel set to Adaptive and OnePlus set to Vivid, they’re fundamentally something very similar. OnePlus tends to somewhat over-egg the shadings and differences, however at that point, OnePlus has a rundown of further developed shading choices permitting you to do more to tune the screen to your inclination.

Performance and battery

  • Pixel 6: Google Tensor chip – 5nm – Octa-center
  • OnePlus 9: Snapdragon 888 – 5nm – Octa-center
  • Pixel 6: 8GB RAM and 128GB/256GB capacity
  • OnePlus 9: 8GB/12GB RAM and 128GB/256GB capacity
  • Pixel 6: 4614mAh battery – 30W wired charging – 21W remote (w/Pixel Stand)
  • OnePlus 9: 4500mAh battery – 65W Warp Charge – 15W remote

It’s in an exhibition where we were generally intrigued to look at, if by some stroke of good luck since Google has fabricated its own custom silicon called Tensor for the Pixel 6. It offers leader execution, yet can it truly contrast with the Snapdragon 888?

Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9
Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9

If you benchmark the two, you’ll find the Snapdragon-controlled OnePlus will score around 800 focuses higher in the multi-center score, yet in everyday ordinary utilization, you’ll likewise detect a couple of minor contrasts. With regards to opening up applications, both burden games rapidly, and when stacked they feel comparatively speedy.

One thing we saw whenever games were stacked, enormous download records inside those games would download faster on the OnePlus, utilizing a similar Wi-Fi network as the Pixel. It would quite often stack the games somewhat quicker as well, yet we’re talking little edges and nothing that will have a huge effect on everyday experience.


  • Pixel 6: 50MP essential camera – f/1.9 – PDAF/OIS/LDAF
  • OnePlus 9: 48MP essential – f/1.8 – PDAF
  • Pixel 6: 12MP ultrawide – f/2.2
  • OnePlus 9: 50MP ultrawide – f/2.2
  • OnePlus 9: 2MP monochrome

Continuing on to cameras, and another region that is very fascinating to analyze, since both have a double camera framework with an essential and ultrawide sensor. Actually, the OnePlus has three cameras, yet the third is a low goal monochrome sensor and doesn’t take photographs all alone. It’s only there for information.

For the fundamental camera, it’s 50-megapixels on the Pixel versus 48-megapixels on the OnePlus, and on the ultrawide, it’s 12-megapixels on the Pixel and 50-megapixels on the ultrawide. Yet, it’s not in pixel count you’ll truly see the distinction when pointing and shooting. It’s in the picture handling.

Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9
Google Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 9

What we’ve found when shooting different pictures inside and outside, utilizing either camera, is that that we for the most part favor the outcomes from the Pixel. Shooting vegetation we found that OnePlus would frequently help the shadings to an extreme and give them an unnatural hyper-genuine look. Pixels was much more consistent with life and had a more pleasant normal profundity of field.

Essentially, we tracked down that in certain occurrences when HDR kicked in – shooting scenes or seascapes – the OnePlus had this propensity for over-egging the difference, especially in the ultrawide camera, making tones too dull and not finding real success at lifting the shadows and mid-tones. In contrast to Pixel, which appears to manage any circumstance well.


  • Pixel 6 – from £599
  • OnePlus 9 – from £629

In the event that you take a gander at the full suggested retail costs, the OnePlus 9 comes in somewhat more costly than the Pixel 6. In the UK it’s £30 more than the Google telephone.

Be that as it may, with the Pixel 6 being new and the OnePlus 9 being not really new any longer, you’ll probably have the option to find the OnePlus telephone at a lower value, making it a great arrangement if you find a markdown.


One the entire, to me there are just two factors that have a major effect on the experience of utilizing these two telephones: Design and the cameras. Assuming you need the best outcomes from the camera with minimal measure of exertion, the Pixel is the best approach. It likewise has a more solid form and it has Android 12.

In any case, the OnePlus 9 has its allure. It certainly feels more minimal and agreeable to use on one hand, it actually has that somewhat quicker/zippy feel from the higher revive rate screen and for the most part, feels somewhat quicker to get done with responsibilities like downloading huge documents and has quicker charging.