How To Select A Development Company To Build Your Ecommerce on Shopify?

E-commerce is no longer an option these days but a necessary tool for developing and growing your business that sells goods or services.

In 2019, global online sales reached nearly US $3.5 trillion, according to Internet Retailer. This figure corresponds to the revenue side of the US budget – the largest in the world. Analysts say it will increase even more in 2020.

By developing an online ecommerce store now, you get a chance to stand out in a crowd. Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform that is highly flexible and will help you grow your business significantly. Shopify is the best eCommerce development platform these days due to many features. It is a cost-effective, feature-rich option that can assist you in gaining new customers and increasing your business exposure. 

It includes a lot of features that will assist you in creating a scalable online store. It is capable of selling products across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Amazon, and others.

For fans of numbers and statistics: as of 2019, more than 800,000 stores have been created using this builder, and it is no surprise that the total sales of stores created on the basis of Shopify amounted to $1.5 billion only for Black Friday!

For many entrepreneurs, the topic of creating an online store is already a headache. This is because the majority of people believe that they need to spend several years studying programming at a university level. Others think they need to explore a lot of information to get it done.

But, what if there is a relatively intuitive yet straightforward way to develop a shopify site.  Yes it is the shopify web development company who can help. But finding the right company becomes quite challenging at times. 

Keep reading the article, to know how to choose a Shopify web development company. Let’s proceed!

Factors To Consider When Selecting a eCommerce Development Company 

Picking a team of professionals is extremely hard. The difficulty is that there are thousands of web development experts on the market. In most cases, each eCommerce development agency specializes in a specific platform or a specific eCommerce solution. They all offer different web development services aimed at different types of businesses.

But the question here is how to choose exactly your team? To begin with, firstly, you need to understand the type of service you need from Shopify experts. By doing this, you can cut down your search and increase your chances of finding the right technology partner.


While choosing your shopify development expert team, it is crucial to assess their level of expertise. By knowing their knowledge and experience, you can understand if the team has enough experience to complete your project.

Reviews and Testimonials

The best way to learn about working with an IT team is to read reviews from previous clients. To do this, visit websites like Clutch and GoodFirms. These sites specialize in collecting reviews about IT companies around the world.

With these reviews, you will find out if the team you choose has done projects similar to yours and can fulfill your requirements. Alternatively, you can check if the agency has any awards. Research like this will help you find out how famous the company is and compare it with others in the field.


Freelancers are cheaper to work with, but they will not be able to offer quality comparable to an agency due to many reasons like lack of resources. We admit it is more expensive to contact the agency, but you agree with the company on specific terms and conditions and get some guarantees. If you want a site with complex functionality, contacting an experienced team would be a great idea.


If you strive for excellence, we recommend seeking out partners who can work 100% remotely. Make sure that your future Shopify expert has experience with remote development projects. 

Remote agencies have access to a pool of talented experts. Thus they provide more developers and technicians according to your products requirements. 

Company Culture

If you plan to create an online eCommerce store for the local audience, we recommend hiring local companies. They have more ideas about people’s desire for a specific product and can explore more about the local audience according to the requirement.

It is much easier and convenient to work with Shopify experts that know your industry. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the product, a knowledgeable agency will help you resolve legal issues.

Price Setting

Giving the price quote immediately after the first call is a bad sign. This means that you have a conveyor belt: performers who do not delve into the task but earn from the number of orders. 

A Shopify web development company will ask you to fill out a brief form or will ask additional questions: for example, how many filters are needed and required in the catalog, what should be there in feedback forms, how many pages the site will have, and a lot more.


Shopify developers are like a collaboration for your business. Throughout the development process, communication channels are required to be open because there will be questions and requests from both parties. Even after your product is live, communication will still be vital to ensure that everything runs smoothly, glitches get resolved on time, or updates any design choices. There are so many communication channels available in the digital age that are perfect for communication like Skype and GoogleMeet.

Ready to get connected with the best eCommerce development company?

In recent times, Shopify is gaining a lot of prominence, and hence this is the right time to invest in this sector, and getting in touch with the right Shopify plus development company should be on your mind to make your money, time and efforts worth it. We hope this article has given you a complete understanding of selecting a Shopify web app development company for your business.