Los Angeles Experiential Marketing: Ideas, Insights, and Strategies

Here, we will try to enlighten you about how brands can introduce themselves throughout Los Angeles. They can engage with the instagrammable brand activities, moments, and interactions. They can also find the new target audience and form their community using experience and tap into the Los Angeles culture for public relations, social, and influencer activations. Even they are given the option to track the impact with engagement, impressions, and sales.

Los Angeles experiential marketing tactic roadmap

Street team marketing tactic is highly effective, and taking initiatives for such a game may prove highly useful. Some activation tactics are needed, like the Downtown Art Walk, Venice boardwalk, DTLA on weekends, etc. Start with the type of people you would prefer to be in touch with and plan your strategy according to your marketing preference. You may consider it near your specific LA park, supermarket, shopping district, or farmer’s market. Ensure your marketing activation is bold, beautiful, and Instagram-able. Opt for the visual and prop so that the people in the passing cars know about your brand and your marketing activation. It is even more crucial to create playful and thoroughly engaging opportunities to attract people to share experiences on their social handles. And ensure to integrate an attractive call to action to allow people to know how to be involved with the brand. In short, Los Angeles experiential marketing regarding street provides brand accessibility to people, engagement, content, and sales.

Pop up experience

Los Angeles is one of those cities, which is destination-centric and where the popup experiences are excellent and a way to tap into the culture. Whether you’re activating or popup as part of a more significant event, attention popups capture interest, engagement, and sales. You will often view outdoor popup activations on the 3rd street promenade (Santa Monica). Storefront popup locations differ based on the target group, although LaBrea, DTLA, and Melrose are a few of the most common ones.

Popup marketing is one of the ideal ways for people to view, touch, and feel what makes your brand unique. Mainly popups involve instagrammable activities and visuals. LA’s popup options involve mobile showrooms, smaller scale, and sampling carts. Thus, popup experiences are valuable for building content, community, and customer relations.

Community event marketing

Outdoor group wellness activities, art walks, and any non-profitable event are an integral part of LA culture. Local events cater opportunities to the sponsor or/and host an onsite brand activation. There are monthly, weekly, and annual community events open to brand participation.

Guerilla marketing

Los Angeles folks love instagrammable guerrilla marketing stunts, specifically bold, significant, and culturally great ones. Most brands choose Los Angeles owing to the instantly recognizable events they provide to the content marketers. As fewer folks walk down the street of LA to ensure your guerilla marketing stunt, it does not require a great ton of interaction to look great.

Food truck marketing

We all know that LA has its own unique and trend-spreading food culture. Part of that is a food truck, which is one of the excellent ways to engage with people. Food trucks can be used for product sampling purposes, surprise and delight, and as part of more incredible activations. The way you leverage the food trucks as a part of your marketing is entirely up to your strategy and preferred results.

Influencer activations

One of the famous experiential marketing moves in LA is influencer activations. It is a general tactic used to form a small, however stunning, marketing approach for the preferred target audience. It can happen outdoors, indoors, or even be a mix of 2 environments. Note that all these activations include compensating influencers to share activations with their target followers.

Street murals

Los Angeles is an arena filled with incredible murals. We are talking about ground-level, brand-sponsored, and interactive to a degree. Without any doubt, murals designed to elicit interaction are the current LA trend. Such street murals integrate elements and encourage target groups to pose, capture pictures, and share them on the social network. Also, they are non-commercial, which means no product images and logos are included. Such street murals usually add QR codes, hashtags, or sponsored elements.

Final thoughts on Los Angeles experiential marketing

Los Angeles marketing is a great way to discuss real-world experience. Dissimilar to many other cities, most people travel from one place to another through a car, although they are pockets wherein folks can engage with various peeps on the street. It is one of those activity-centric places where brands and people connect at gallery openings, festivals, boardwalk walks, and other destination points. Brands require to aim high because people in LA expect creative, high concept, and visually enticing experiences. A plethora of celebrities and influencers residing in LA make experiential marketing even more valuable.

Also, it is not uncommon to communicate with folks on the streets or events with significant social followings. Also, it is a trendsetting city, which is certified from fashion to clothing to cars to entertainment.