Best Eid Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Friends And Family

The celebration of Eid is something we all look forward to. We spend the splendid time with our family, friends, and all our dear and near ones. A day of happiness, blessings and love altogether. The idea of gifts is something special with this celebratory day. Starting a week before, after the holy month of Ramadan, this day is a much-awaited one to all.

Well, we want to gift the best of all our loved ones. You have come to the right place. With fantastic gift ideas for all, here are our curations. I hope you enjoy it.

Celebratory Sweets

Sweets is a must for every special occasion. And when it comes to Eid, it is compulsory. With the best of sweets from Indian mithai, middle eastern kunafas and baklavas, and much more, Eid is the time when all love sweets. With the western all-time favourite sweets such as cakes and chocolates, Eid is celebrated by all. With online cake delivery, you can get your loved one’s favourite.


If you are looking for some perfect blossoms to gift to your loved ones or decorate your magnificent home to host your dear ones this Eid, that would be the best idea. Perfect as gifts and home decors, flowers are ideal. It would leave a smile on their faces and make the season of Eid celebration lovely. You can surprise your loved ones with these beautiful flowers on the day of the feast to celebrate the festival of love, happiness and gratitude.

Dry fruits and nuts

A renowned and most popular gift loved by all in this auspicious occasion of Eid. Dry fruits such as dates, raisins, prunes and apricots, and nuts such as pistachios, almonds, cashews would be a definite bundle of joy for all your loved ones. Therefore, this Eid, you need to get the best of all as a surprise and bless this bright day.

Customised surprises

Adding a personalised touch to something we are about to present to our favourite people is the best thing. If you want to get one of a kind surprise to them this Eid, then customised surprises are the answer. You can personalise something that would be with them forever. This will surely make the occasion special, whether photo frames, clocks, keychains, wall hanging, or anything. Customised gifts would never go out of style and would be a priced possession full of memories to celebrate. Therefore, this Eid would be a special gift to your loved ones.

Gift hampers

Is anyone ready for some wholesome Eid gift hampers? If you are looking for the perfect answer to gift ideas this Eid, then this is it. To make your loved one’s gift extra special, you can add in all the above goodies altogether in one box. These combos are absolutely the best and something indeed special. You can add their favourite cakes, chocolates, fruits, nuts, books, or anything they love to these fun hampers. They would have the best time of their life unwrapping these goodies. With an online cake portal, you can choose their most loved cake of all.

And that’s a wrap to some ideas on what to gift your loved ones this Eid. with excellent options right in front of you; you need to go for the best to surprise your loved ones. May this blessed occasion of Eid fill all of us with love, happiness and gratitude. Make sure you spread all the goodness to your friends and family every single time.