Car insurance: lower costs with automatic risk management systems

With vehicle monitoring systems, not only can you save on car insurance, but you can manage claims more effectively. Here is a brilliant solution for corporate fleets.

With the use of automatic risk management systems, car insurance policy number costs can be reduced. Real-time notifications of incidents and damage estimation eliminate the risk of fraud and increase security.

Car insurance: more savings with accident control

The American company LoJack has devised an innovative road accident control system. The solution was designed for corporate fleets, but could also be extended to private cars.

The system is called CrashBoxx and works similar to that of black boxes. The service monitors the car’s movements and notifies accidents in real-time to car owners and insurance companies. The reliability of notifications is 99%.

Not only that: in addition to detecting and communicating the accident data and making a precise reconstruction of the dynamics of the accident, the box also provides an estimate of the costs and spare parts necessary to repair the vehicle.

The system is especially useful for large corporate fleets: accidents are classified in order of severity and detailed information is provided for each. This way, you can take immediate action, knowing exactly what the problem is.

Less fraud and lower insurance premiums

A control system of this type is useful both for controlling the number of accidents and the driving behavior of company car drivers and for containing costs.

Having certain records on the dynamics of accidents eliminates the risk of fraud, also reducing the costs of car insurance. Suffice it to say that one of the main causes of the high prices of car liability in Italy is the number of accident frauds and scams against insurance companies.

The spread of these vehicle risk management systems can therefore be useful both to facilitate the management of company fleets and to save on car insurance and repairs since the vehicles would be entrusted to affiliated centers.