When should wisdom teeth be removed?

Intense pain? Consider removing your wisdom teeth

There comes a time in our adult life when the teeth hurt more than usual. It is a constant pain, we feel punctures, our faces swell … All these discomforts have a meaning: your wisdom teeth are about to come out. At Centro Dental Torres we have the solution to your pain, come visit us and we will tell you when to remove your wisdom teeth. It is a very common intervention in dental clinics, so we must take precautions before and after the extraction.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the pieces that come out when we achieve a bit of “judgment” and sanity in our life, that is, they appear after the age of 20. Also called wisdom teeth, they are located at the back of the mouth as if they were third molars. Despite erupting once in adulthood, they may come out earlier, never come out or one or two come out, that is, they do not always come out all four and they do not always come out at the same time. When it appears later than the rest of the teeth, it is normal for it to move them and cause us pain, since a badly erupted wisdom tooth can twist some pieces if it is not extracted in time.

When should wisdom teeth be removed?

As the years go by, wisdom teeth get smaller and smaller and have almost no place to come out at all due to our jaws. This can lead to plaque buildup and possible infection, leading to pain coupled with the little space they have to erupt. In addition, on other occasions, they can be born crooked and affect the rest of the pieces. At Centro Dental Torres we recommend their immediate extraction as long as the teeth give us problems and that when they are extracted, they do not represent a functional inconvenience. However, if you suffer from very strong pain it is convenient that you visit your dentist and that he will tell you what is the most appropriate in your case.

If your wisdom teeth have erupted correctly, it can cause problems for the closest parts, since being at the back of the mouth is difficult to clean and bacteria and infections may appear. Therefore, even if your tooth was born without problems, if it looks infected it is necessary to extract it.

On the other hand, if your teeth erupt crooked, it is necessary to visit your dentist and tell you when to remove your wisdom tooth. A poorly positioned tailpiece can be the cause of tooth decay and necrosis in the closest parts, so it is better not to have it.

Wisdom tooth extraction

When feeling discomfort, the first thing we will do is prescribe analgesics, anti-inflammatories, Cavity, or if necessary antibiotics, to clean the area and avoid bacteria that can infect the back of the mouth. It will take 24 hours before the operation.

For the extraction of the wisdom tooth, we will need to operate under local anesthesia. When we extract the wisdom tooth, the gums are sutured and we cover the part of the face with ice or something cold to calm the area and cover the hollow of the tooth with gauze to control bleeding. Two weeks later the stitches will fall off alone and you can lead a normal life. This surgery is very frequent because, in addition to lasting less than an hour, the recovery time is very short and comfortable.

However, each patient is different so there will be people who do not have discomfort with wisdom teeth and others who, without having erupted yet, already feel discomfort. For this reason, it is best to consult with your dentist and he will advise you on the best.

Recovery time after removing wisdom teeth

When the area awakens after the extraction of the wisdom teeth it is normal to feel a little discomfort during the first 24 hours. At Centro Dental Torres we recommend not brushing your teeth, we must be careful because the first moments after the operation are a bit annoying and if we touch the wound a little it may take longer to heal. In a couple of weeks, the wound will be completely closed.

Generally, we will prescribe analgesics and rinses for the following days and 24 hours later we recommend rinsing with hot water and salt to prevent infections and facilitate healing. Of course, we recommend a white diet and extreme cleaning of the area. Smoking and drinking very hot liquids are prohibited.