10 ways to integrate guest blogging into digital communication

This practice is one of the most used in link building. It consists of a blogger writing to another blog as a guest. Guest blogging in communication is an increasingly common practice in the blogging community, due to the rapid results and benefits obtained from it.

In the first place, writing in another blog generates different and quality content, which may be of interest to users. Second, there is the issue of links that redirect to the original blog. Through this link building, the users of the guest post will have the opportunity to know the original blog. All this will result in more visits and more popularity of your page, and an improvement in SEO positioning in Google.

The fact of generating quality content for users is always positive for Google. Guest blogging in communication helps improve web SEO. But it has many other advantages and positive points.

Advantages of Guest blogging

There are many benefits that are achieved with this practice of guest blogging in communication:

  1. Increase visibility to your social profiles and improve professional relationships
  2. Generate new and different quality content
  3. Promote your brand image or branding
  4. Improve your writing to become a professional
  5. Get a faithful audience for your content

These five positive points mentioned above are just some of the benefits of guest blogging in communication. However, although a priori may seem easy, there are aspects that cannot be neglected, if good results are to be achieved. One of them is the importance of quality content that Google has been observing for some time.

The user is king, so everything that is created is to satisfy him and generate value.

That said, how can guest blogging be integrated into digital communication? There are several factors to take into account to find the right blogger candidate.

How to integrate guest blogging in digital communication

1.- Draw a goal

Getting others to notice you and the work you do takes time and a lot of effort. It is therefore advisable to set a clear goal of what you want to achieve. The reasons for guest blogging in communication can be diverse. Maybe you want to increase SEO or simply show the content that is created for the blog. Whatever that goal, it must be very clear, to focus only on one thing. The next step will be to find the right place to achieve what is proposed.

2.- Analyze the guest blog where the contents are displayed

Before proceeding to show interest in appearing on another blog as a writer, it is important to do a deep analysis. You should start by observing if it is a blog similar to yours, or this collaboration will be meaningless. Going more fully into the design and style of the page, you have to look at the number and type of publications. It can be a blog with 500 words or 2000, but the fact of being one or the other differs a lot. Likewise, audiovisual content has an important weight (videos, images, infographics …).

3.- Investigate who accepts guest blogging in communication

Not all bloggers accept this collaborative practice. Searching for reference blogs is the beginning of everything. A basic one is to do it through the Google search engine where the keywords of the subject on which you want to write are written accompanied by “guest post” or “guest author” for example. Another way to do it is through the identification of the backlinks of the competition with tools such as Open Site Explorer, through which you will learn more about that competition and their collaborations in other blogs. Visit other web pages in your sector, in which sections with sections “Write for us” or “Collaborate as a guest” are displayed.

Finally, although on many occasions it does not appear in many blogs, there are blogrolls. It is simply a list of blogs that are followed and for which interest is shown, usually, they are content with a similar theme.

4.- Contact the effective guest blogger

The way to contact a blogger to do guest blogging in communication is very varied.  There are many platforms through which to contact, such as Alianzo rankings, content marketing platforms such as Corbis or the Bit├ícoras Awards. Making use of all these tools makes a difference. If the first time the contact was made through social networks, the next time it would be advisable to do it through email or through the applications mentioned above.

The goal is none other than to start conversations to build relationships with this person. If it doesn’t work, try again, to continue nurturing the relationship. After all, guest blogging is what is known as networking, but online.

5.- Custom templates make the difference

Avoid using ready-made templates. It is the most comfortable, but not the most correct and effective for that. All people like to be valued. It is not the same to send a general email as to work on a specific one with a good presentation and with clear objectives to work together. If you don’t have time, draw up a general structure for all cases, personalize various parts of the email.

6.- Think twice about the headline of your posts

If you do not start your post with a title that attracts them, they will hardly be interested to continue reading. The title is everything if you want to make a difference from other bloggers. To get the attention of another writer, it is essential to stand out from the rest. Try to be unique and original. Not only will this attract the professional who wants to captivate with content, but it will also achieve higher traffic and therefore Google SEO will be improved.

7.- Avoid exaggerated self-promotion

You are not promoting someone’s business. You are not selling or advertising a product or service, but you are offering valuable content to the reader. It is about demonstrating what you can offer with your blog, but without falling into self-promotion. Advertising who you are, what you do, and how you do it, causes rejection. This information can be left for the biography, where it is even advisable to show data and a photo of the person who writes.

8.- Include internal links in the guest post

Once you have been able to write as a guest on another blog, you must demonstrate your knowledge of all its contents. And what better way to do it than through links to other posts or pages on the same website.

In the case of wanting to promote the original blog or web, as mentioned above, it should always be done in the bio as a writer.

9.- Lean on the best calls to action

The ultimate goal is to share. This is achieved by adding  CTA buttons at the end of the content that allows you to perform an action. It can be to leave a comment or share on Facebook, Twitter … The more that post is shared on social networks, web pages, etc. more users will reach. And as a result of those mentions, comments, the blog is likely to get more traffic and more visits.

10.- Measure and analyze the results

Once that content is shared on all social platforms. The beginning of everything has arrived, which is to measure results. The best tool to do this is Google Analytics, where you can find traffic and conversion data.

The key factors for a good guest blogging integration have been mentioned. There are many mistakes that are made and for which Google penalizes.