Car insurance: Europeans trust online policies

The relationship between Europeans and insurance companies increasingly passes through the internet. In 2017, the quotes for car insurance requested from companies and comparators were 1.9 million.

Until a few years ago, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking out an insurance policy both on the web frightened many. Fortunately, things are changing and Europeans are increasingly inclined to compare car insurance and buy it online.

The reasons are mainly two: on the one hand, the fact that the number of Europeans who regularly use the internet increases and appreciates its immediacy and convenience and, on the other hand, the greater convenience of online policies.

Car insurance: a boom in online quotes

The data collected by Nielsen in its Insurance Report 2017 tells us a huge growth in the number of Europeans who have asked for a quote or have collected information online on auto insurance.

In the period between January and June 2017, according to Nielsen surveys, almost 2 million estimates were requested, 15% more than the previous year. The number of people who did not ask for a quote, but collected information and made comparisons between companies, is also growing: last year there were 4.8 million.

Those looking for car insurance information online:

  • in 40% of cases it requires a quote ;
  • in 17% of cases, he relies on a comparator.

Car insurance: mobile is increasingly the protagonist

Not just car insurance: the Nielsen report also tells us that Europeans are interested in the entire sun coast insurance sector. In particular, 9 million Europeans connected to the internet in the first half of last year to actively seek information on both car insurance and personal insurance.

In the coming years will also grow its research and conclude online contracts regarding life insurance policieshome insurance policies, and policies aimed at ensuring a supplementary pension.

Another important trend is the one that sees the furniture as the protagonist. The smartphone is increasingly the command center of our lives and last year 500,000 Europeans chose this tool to stay in touch with their insurance company.

The applications of the companies are appreciated for the speed of use and their practicality: just a touch on the screen is enough to check your policy, the renewal conditions, and to report a claim.

The Nielsen research brings out another important fact: the motivation that pushes more and more Europeans to choose online policies is their economic convenience. If you want to start saving too