Car insurance: the benefits of black boxes for corporate fleets

Saving on car insurance costs, reducing the number of accidents, and improving fleet management: are the main reasons that drive fleet managers to use black boxes.

They save on car insurance, allow driver monitoring, and simplify fleet management: in short, fleet managers like black boxes. Here are the advantages, economic and otherwise, that derive from the use of black boxes for companies.

Car insurance: fewer costs and more data with black boxes

The most obvious benefit of using black boxes is the savings in car insurance costs. As also established by the recent Competition Law, those who accept the installation of the black box are entitled to a discount on the RC car premium. This applies to both individuals and companies.

Fleet managers appreciate the use of black boxes also for the possibility of controlling and reducing the number of accidents. If until recently the black box was seen as a threat to the privacy of drivers, today most fleet managers see it as an advantage.

Thanks to the installation of black boxes onboard company cars, mobility managers have more data available and can manage their fleets more easily and effectively.

Telematics and corporate fleets: what fleet managers want

The research “Telematics comes aboard company fleets” gives precise indications on the wishes of fleet managers and their relationship with the black boxes.

The fleet managers of the 60 companies included in the sample analyzed are in favor of the use of black boxes and 58% of them want to increase the number in use in the company.

It is not just a question of savings. Above all, the data provided by the black boxes are of interest to fleet managers. This can be understood by analyzing the answers regarding the functions they would like to have access to. The three most frequent answers given by the managers interviewed concern:

  • the deepening of the knowledge of black boxes and telematics to understand what services they can offer;
  • control of consumption and driver behavior;
  • monitoring of emissions and maintenance interventions.

Research confirms that telematics cuts car insurance Suncoast and simplifies fleet management. In particular, six out of ten fleet managers want to expand their use to achieve even more safety and savings.