Sony A6400 or A6500 Which one is better?

The Sony A6400 and a6500 are both capable of taking amazing photos, but the a6400’s autofocus camera is more old and has lower AF tracking features than the a6500. Battery life for both cameras is identical, though the A6500’s has a more extended life span. They are both comparable both in cost and capabilities, the A6400’s camera has a faster speed. Its autofocus feature offers a faster maximum speed that the A6400.

sony a6400

Both cameras come with similar attributes, the a6400’s bigger buffer capacity is able to accommodate longer burst mode shooting. The A6400 can produce 107 RAW images in comparison to 223 JPEGs that are available in the A6500. The a6500 has an lower ISO ceiling, while the A6400’s features a more standard ISO and an extendable ISO.

The Sony A6400 may be more ideal for casual photographers or video-bloggers. The A6400 has a higher ISO setting, and can take better photographs. This makes it the ideal choice. Both cameras are reasonable priced and feature great capabilities, but the A6500 is the better choice for professional photographers as well as vloggers. If you are looking for an image-quality camera that is high-resolution for daily use, it could be the most suitable alternative.

The a6400 comes with a superior processor than the A6500. The a6400 is the very first camera to support autofocus of the animal eye, which is important for still and video photography. Even though the a6500 outputs raw data with 14 bit resolution but it lacks an uncompressed raw option. It doesn’t have a front wheel readily available. Though it’s slightly smaller than the A6400, it is more advanced.


The A6400 is a more affordable mirrorless camera with an outstanding 24-megapixel sensor. Both cameras use a similar lens, and both are comparable in the size. But the A6400’s image quality is much better. While the battery of the A6500 is bigger than the A6500’s however, the A6400’s battery has higher AF points than the counterpart and a much wider scope of AF.

The Sony A6400 has a higher resolution and zoom. The sensor is larger and sensitive than the one of the A6500. In addition, the a6400 features smaller sensors. Although the a6500 is equipped with more battery capacity, the a6500 is more smaller. The a6500 costs a little less than the a6400 and a6500, and it features many more functions.

The new a6400 comes with an improved autofocus. The a6500 has a 30-minute limit per clip. Although the price of the A6400 might be less than the A6500 but it doesn’t have the capacity to create 8 MP still JPGs out 4K video. While the A6500 and the a6300 have a similar with regards to design, the a6500 features a different grip.

The A6500 is the highest-end model that uses UHS-I SD memory cards. Although the A6500 does not have UHSII support and still has a microUSB connector, it also has it’s own USB port. The a6500 features a smaller screen and a lower resolution than that of the A6400. Even though the A6400 is an superior camera over the A6500 however, there are some differences between the two.

It offers a user-friendly interface. Its setup screen is attractive and appealing. The button and switch assignments can be clearly seen. The A6500’s customized settings screen features a much more practical layout as compared to the A6400. However, the A6400 is more user-friendly and takes less set-up and shooting. It’s faster over the A6500. If you’re looking to compare both cameras, a6400 will be the superior camera.


The A6400 also is slightly less costly than the a6500. There are two key differences between these cameras: memory available and the cost. Although the A6400 comes with a less memory capacity, while the A6500 is larger in storage. The camera is slightly more expensive, yet it costs more. The a6500 camera is great for anyone, regardless of your needs.

The A6400 comes with an 0.39 inch LCD screen , and a sensor with a resolution of 2.59 million pixels. It is a more powerful zoom lens than the A6500. The a6400 has a higher ISO range, as well as more advanced featureslike an up-to-date touchscreen. The a6400’s 5-axis image stabilizer system is superior to the a6500 . However, both cameras are equipped with the exact capabilities.