Accident insurance: why it is important to get one

Domestic accidents affect millions every year. Taking out accident insurance is an excellent solution to limit damage, especially for the elderly.

Every year, ISTAT surveys to detect how many domestic accidents have occurred in Italy. The numbers are quite alarming: the Italians who suffer at least one domestic accident are between 3 and 4,000,000.

The categories most at risk are the elderly, housewives, and children. However, those over 65 are most at risk, often the protagonists of falls and slips and victims of fractures, injuries, and burns. To protect these vulnerable categories, in addition to prevention, good accident insurance can help.

Accidents and domestic accidents: the most frequent cases

Falls are the most common cause of injury, with a percentage that exceeds 50% of cases. A wet floor, an unsteady step, an uneven surface, or a sudden loss of balance can be costly. In the most fortunate cases, we are limited to pain and bruises that pass in a few days but more often in the elderly, a fall leads to fractures that require a long period of rest, an equally long recovery, and the need for assistance. In severe cases, falls can cause death or permanent disability.

Injuries and burns are also quite common. Once again, it is mainly the elderly who suffer from it: due to impaired vision and slowed reflexes, sharp or too-hot surfaces can pose a danger to health and safety. Preparing a hot meal or sitting at the table, rather than daily actions, becomes a concentrate of risks as we age.

Accidents at home cause more fatalities than the road

The dangers that can arise from accidents at home are often underestimated. Yet the data tells us that domestic accidents are killing more people on the road. According to the National Institute of Health, domestic accidents are the fourth leading cause of death, after cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases.

In Europe, domestic accidents cause one victim every two minutes and the elderly who die from the consequences of accidents and falls are 100,000 every year. When they do not have such serious consequences, injuries often require hospitalization or seek medical attention. The cost for the community is very high.

If we consider the progressive aging of the population, it is clear that domestic accidents are an issue that will become increasingly important in the years to come. A topic on which one must be adequately informed and prepared. Knowing the causes of accidents is the starting point to prevent them and minimize the risks.

Preventing injuries in the home

The main cause of home injury, as we have seen, is falling. Floors and stairs pose a danger as you age, but tripping over a carpet can also cause serious problems. The bathroom is often the room that hides the greatest dangers: a harmless bathtub or the shower tray itself can represent an obstacle and cause painful and dangerous falls.

The kitchen is no less dangerous: the use of knives, stoves, and other appliances can cause serious injuries and burns.

Prevention is key to reducing the number of accidents. Reviewing the home environment and identifying the points most at risk is the first thing to do. After having clarified what the dangers are, you can think about how to eliminate the sources of risk as much as possible or take precautions to limit the danger of domestic environments.

Some of the recommendations to help reduce the risk of home accidents suggest:

  • Eliminate the carpets or replace them with anti-slip protections that ensure their stability on the ground;
  • Avoid wet or slippery floors (do not use wax and do not polish them with similar products);
  • Always use suitable footwear, which guarantees a safe and stable walk;
  • In the bathroom, in addition to using non-slip rugs, apply anti-fall handles to the walls;
  • If possible, replace the bathtub with a floor-level shower tray or a bathtub with a side opening;
  • On the stairs, make sure there are no differences in height and install a handrail that facilitates the ascent and descent of the steps;
  • Make sure that there is adequate lighting in all areas of the house, including terraces, gardens, and cellars, and that switches are close at hand and easy to locate;
  • Place safety lights in the house for use at night. These lights are especially useful for seniors who are used to getting up at night, to go to the bathroom or kitchen. Having a light source that works all the time in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen can help you avoid tripping over.

Take out accident insurance for added protection

Preventing domestic accidents and injuries is essential but not always sufficient to avoid unpleasant consequences. Taking out accident insurance can be the solution to have greater and more complete protection.

Accident insurance offers protection in the presence of events due to a fortuitous external and violent cause that produces objectively ascertainable physical injuries. The insurance coverage available is varied and covers the most varied needs.

Accident insurance specifically designed for the elderly offers targeted coverage for the most frequent accidents involving the over 65s. When accidents, domestic or otherwise, cause, for example, fractures, burns, injuries, or dislocations, Sun coast insurance offers compensation that can be used to cover any health or care costs.

Assess your needs and the risk factors you are exposed to personally or that relate to a loved one. This way you can find the most appropriate insurance coverage for your condition.