Car insurance: accidents and uninsured vehicles on the rise

Five million vehicles circulate without car insurance, the most frequent cause of accidents is a distraction at the wheel and the number of accidents and injuries increased compared to the previous year. 

More accidents and injuries, fewer deaths

In 2016, accidents recorded on roads were just over 175,000, 0.7% more than in 2015. The injured are also growing, reaching nearly 150,000.

The Italian roads are confirmed to be rather dangerous, even if the number of victims has decreased slightly. In total, the deaths were 4.2% less than the previous year, however, compensated by the increase in the number of seriously injured.

The extra-urban roads and motorways are more dangerous. In the city, however, it is not much better: accidents on urban roads have also increased slightly.

The causes of accidents: distraction, high speed, failure to respect the right of way

Nearly one in two accidents is caused by driver distraction, exceeding speed limits, or not respecting priority. But also the non-observance of the safety distance, irregular maneuvers by the driver, or dangerous behavior of pedestrians cause thousands of accidents every year.

The use of mobile phones while driving is particularly serious. Unfortunately, this is a frequent behavior that is severely punished: the fine is 1,294 euros, to which is added the suspension of the driving license for three months and the deduction of 5 points. In case of recidivism, the law provides for a doubling of the sanction.

The number of vehicles on the roads without insurance coverage is also worrying. It’s hard to say exactly how many cars this is, but it’s estimated that there are at least 5 million uninsured vehicles on our roads.

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