Fire!, one of the most feared mishaps

Fires are among the most damaging mishaps due to the havoc they cause. We tell you which provinces and municipalities they are most likely to occur and how mortgage insurance helps you in these cases.

According to one of the latest We Are Safe studies, fires are not among the five most common mishaps in homes. But what fires are devastating for is the damage they cause.

Insurers disburse approximately 1.4 million euros per day for this concept. The calculations establish that a repair of this type is around 6,000 euros. 

Luckily for the owners of insured homes affected by the flames, fire coverage is essential and common to all multi-risk insurance.

In which provinces are there more probabilities of Fire?

Another curious fact about the behavior of fires in insured properties in Spain indicates that provinces are more prone to flames: Jaén, Córdoba, and Badajoz rank the probabilities of suffering fires above the Spanish average.

As you can see in the graph, in provinces such as Salamanca, Castellón, or Burgos, there are, on the other hand, fewer chances that an insured home will go up in flames. 

The 50 municipalities where fires occur most frequently

The Fire! report, prepared by Somos Seguros, analyzing data from 166,092 fires of varying magnitude that occurred between 2019 and 2020, indicates that 7 out of 10 fires occur in homes. The data collected suggests that the insurance attends a fire every 5:17 minutes. You can check which are the 50 municipalities in Spain where these types of mishaps are most frequent on the map.

What does multi-risk insurance cover in a fire?

Your home insurance will not help you recover those family photos and memories that you kept with such affection. Still, it will be your ally to help you financially to replace the damaged objects and return to normality.

The multi-risk home insurance covers 100% of the material damages and losses caused by a fire and the expenses associated with the extinction of the Fire (for example, the expenses originated by the intervention of the firefighters) up to the maximum limit of compensation established in the contract.

Keep in mind that when we talk about Fire, we refer to “combustion by fire, capable of spreading from an object or objects that were not intended to be burned in the place and at the time it occurs.” If you leave your towel on the stove and it catches Fire, the sofa burns due to carelessness while you were smoking, or your mobile phone falls into the fireplace, those damages would not be covered.

Do you have any questions about the fire coverage of your home insurance? Ask us in the comments, and we will answer you!