What do we get sick of in the healthiest country in the world?

In Your safest corner, we review the four most common serious illnesses in Spain, the healthiest country in the world, according to the Bloomberg index. Knowing them and knowing how to prevent them is the best way to avoid them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused attention on a disease that has hit our reality from every possible angle. But in Spain, considered the healthiest country in the world according to the Bloomberg index, there are Achilles heels that we must continue to watch out for.

The Bloomberg note is awarded based on life expectancy, the quality of medical care or drinking water, and the low incidence of obesity or smoking also rises.

The Mediterranean diet, our public health system that is still resisting despite the crisis and the climate, has helped Spain boast of being ‘different’ for good, with cultural life habits that are better than those of other nations around us.

Being the healthiest country does not free us from getting sick. A brief review is enough to verify that the most common ailments in the West, and some attributable to our little bull skin, are still valid. It is better not to trust, know how to prevent them, and know them.

These are the four most common types of serious illness in Spain:

Heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases affect more than 10 million Spaniards, according to a report by the American Heart Association (AHA). The most widespread pathology is arterial hypertension, which is also the most common chronic disease in our country because it affects more than 18% of the population and more women than men.

A healthy diet and physical exercise help prevent many of the most common heart conditions, but here genes always play their part, and prevention is better.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Let’s rule out colds and flu. Respiratory diseases affect a third of Spaniards and range from insufficiencies to, directly, tuberculosis, less deadly today than 100 years ago, but still not eradicated. Allergies and asthma are on the rise in our country due to the pollution in our cities, so apart from the essential physical exercise, probably using public transport more and taking cars out of the city center will not hurt us.


The deadliest disease, although diagnosed in time, we are increasingly cornering it as a chronic or even curable disease. The advice for cancer is not infallible, but its usefulness is increasingly proven, and it is recommended by the WHO itself: physical exercise, healthy diet (less red meat, less processed foods), less pollution… Yes, we repeat ourselves, but it is that healthy living does not have magic recipes, but very simple ones that require discipline and prevention.

Mental illnesses

Still today, and unfortunately, a taboo. Depression affects almost 7% of Spaniards. Many times it is not diagnosed, or it takes a long time due to the embarrassment of those affected or the inability to recognize the symptoms. No one is safe; it cannot be attributed to specific causes, but what is clear is that you have to lose your fear and end the social stigma: you cannot get out without help, and there is no shame in asking for it.

And so far, our review of the four types of serious illnesses most common among Spaniards. Knowing them, and above all, knowing how to prevent them in cases where genetics is not as decisive as habits and environment, is one of the ways to continue living enjoying one of the most precious gifts: health.

Take care of your health and mortgage.