The finish of this product depends fundamentally on the way in which we apply it, so we are going to explain how to do it correctly . Our recommendation is that at the time of applying it you are calm and that it be at night . This is because the self-tanner requires a few hours to oxidize the keratin . If we do it at night, just before going to sleep, we will avoid sweating and we will let the product act 100%.



We take a shower to remove the impurities produced on the skin throughout the day. Once the skin is clean and moist. We apply an exfoliant  to remove excess dead cells and that the tan is uniform and without stains. We perform circular maneuvers throughout the body and after several minutes, remove with warm water. Finish with cold water to prevent the pores from becoming dilated, otherwise, the product may enter them and it will not look good.

If you want to wax, it is better to do it at least 24 hours before to avoid irritation and the product dirtying the pore.



We get out of the shower and pat the skin dry, without rubbing so as not to irritate it. Once the skin is dry,  we apply a little moisturizer, so we prepare our skin so that it is more hydrated and does not look dry. We hope that it is fully absorbed.



Now yes, we are ready to apply the self-tanner. We can apply it only to the areas of the body that we are going to expose, but my recommendation is to apply it to the entire body to have a homogeneous and natural tan. We can use the glove or apply it directly with our hands. If we opt for the latter, once we have fully applied the product, we must wash our hands with soap, especially insisting on the palms and between the fingers. And it is because, both the hands and the feet, have one more layer than the rest of the skin of the body and are more keratinized, they take on a much more intense color than the rest of the body. (For this reason, it is advisable to use the glove)

Go slowly, little by little, spreading it well throughout the area, and without leaving spaces without applying, otherwise there will be patches and streaks.



Once applied, and after washing our hands, we wait a couple of minutes for it to dry a bit and then we go to sleep. To see the final result, you will have to wait between 4 -6 hours . We will wake up as if we had been on vacation in the Caribbean! With a super nice tan. If we want to speed up the process, we can dry the product with a dryer (with cold air).

Finally, if you want, in the morning we take a bath to remove excess product. Try not to rub the skin too much with soap or with a towel since we will remove the product first.

The duration of the product varies according to the person , their skin type, the activity they carry out… But it  is approximately 5 to 7 days .

To maintain it, the ideal is to apply moisturizing cream after the shower.

After this time, if we liked the result and it is already being removed, we can repeat this process. If you want to keep it,  you can apply it once a week .