Car insurance: 15 days of coverage after the expiration

Car insurance has coverage for 15 days after expiration, so you can circulate and are covered in the event of a claim. But it is not valid for all types of policies, let’s see which ones.

The 15 days of coverage after the expiry of the Motor TPL policy have art. 1901 of the 2nd paragraph of the Civil Code, in which it is clearly expressed: that if the policyholder does not pay the subsequent premiums upon expiry, the liability insurance is suspended from midnight on the fifteenth day. On the other hand, the insurance companies are obliged to notify the motorist of the expiry at least thirty days in advance and to keep the insurance relationship active until the fifteenth day.

The 15-day car insurance grace period is granted only to annual coverage, it does not apply to provisional policies, such as weekly or monthly ones. They are valid even if you decide to change insurance company and only concern civil liability and not other guarantees such as theft, natural disasters, fire, and so on. After the expiry of the 15 days, if you do not take out a new policy or the renewal, you will incur various consequences provided for by the Highway Code in art. 193.

Let’s see together in more detail what exactly the 15 days of coverage after the RCA expiration consist of and how they work.

How do the 15 days of insurance work?

The 15-day grace period for the RCA policy has the function of maintaining the insurance coverage if it has not been renewed, protecting the motorist from any penalties and responsibilities that may arise from an accident.

The days of coverage after the deadline allow you to act in time, remedying any oversights. In consideration of the fact that tacit renewal has no longer existed since 2013, the policyholder must voluntarily renew the policy at each expiry date. With the abolition of tacit renewal, at the time of expiry of the insurance contract you are not bound with the insurance company, therefore within 15 days you have time to stipulate a new contract.

The grace period is valid only in the territory, applicable to annual policies, and concerns all motorists, even new drivers with insurance saving bonds.

What happens if you travel by expired car insurance

After 15 days of coverage after expiration, if you have not renewed the policy it is preferable not to circulate with the expired car insurance because you could find yourself facing serious consequences.

If you drive without Motor TPL you risk a pecuniary sanction from € 866 up to € 3,464 and the seizure of the car, until the insurance policy contract of at least 6 months is presented to the competent bodies. This could lead to the confiscation of the car if the costs of transport and custody of the seized car are not paid with the related fine. In any case, the penalty could be reduced if the renewal of the car insurance is carried out within 30 days from the expiry date, therefore 15 days more than the tolerance days.

Should it be ascertained that in the space of two years and twice there has been the non-renewal of the insurance, the suspension of the driving license from 1 to 2 months is also added with the doubling of the penalties.

The expired insurance with the 15-day grace period also involves cars that are not in use but that are parked on the public road. Therefore it is advisable to park the car without insurance in a private place.