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At least, it has an iframe.

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Stopping by to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread, I 780005 working on a stand-alone report to cover balance issues and this has been incredibly helpful. So after reading this post i decided to do some testing. Personally I missblink and die. I got DP on my Musa atm and I noticed shadow knights hit me pretty hard. Posted 27 Apr edited.

Valk defense isn’t balanced around I frames where bladers is. Something is really weird here indeed. I’ll explain how to get your base damage so you can try these experiments for yourself. One or 2 other class’s dont. This game have completely 0 balance melee vs ranged characters.

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Should at least have a great boost in attack if they’re going to be that squishy but nope, pretty weak compared to other classes. I can confirm that DP are bugged. OHKO and sometimes 2 hits. Enjoy and see you on the other side!


More Activity Stream Status Updates. Das Forum hier bleibt allerdings erhalten und lesbar. Another point I would like to bring up about Tiger Stance, A; have Dragon Bite awakened to give me hp back on hit, but in Tiger Stanxe this awakening is not acknowledged.

I am 51 DP. There was also a notable amount of dodges with the armor on.

Test your AP against the same DP multiple times at say and find out if the base increases, I will do this, and also hope to see others 7805 the same so we 87005 get a large sample size to determine what is happening, also try other classes and see what you find so we can compare AP scaling to base damage.

Except actual math has been posted; although the thread is extremely long now, so let me copy al paste it here. I’ve already tested it with 3 different classes. If armour is supposed to reduce dmg, something isn’t adding up. Go To Topic Listing General. Even the damage output is stupidly low. Same goes for my attack speed on divider, and crit debuff on Draw Claw.

AP – Whiteboard Erasers Mini Pack 10 – Emojis | Edsco

The damage test shows that DP made 0 damage difference. The total damage multiplier saying all hits connect with Red Moon at max rank is Start spreadsheet or something on google, record hits and the damage each did, do reasonable sample sizes.

Don’t even need to say it. I haven’t gotten high enough level to have many problems with it so far, but I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about this issue both in-game and on the class forums. I plan to do more tests using these numbers and see what I can discover across more skills, I’ll keep you guys posted.


Which is the saddest thing ever, considering they were all using the same armor. Lvl 53 Maehwa vs Agile mane the archer one front attack:.

This shows that the skills seem to be scaling damage correctly, but the base damage is abysmal And its no love tap either. My Witch with the same gear can take more hits. Lvl 53 Maehwa vs Agile mane the archer one front attack: Helm archer hits me for. I will leave it up to you guys to compare, but will record a video asap if you want. I don’t see sorcs complaining Wizards are fine, we know we arent a one vs one class. Need to move around the most, but took care of them in skills. N’ayez pas peur du changement et rejoignez-nous!

Put my armor on DP hit me for about 80 with the same single hit spell. From now on the old forums will be readable only. I mean I played ninja in korea and he wasnt even as squishy as the blader here, and ninja is weaker in base dp 780005 blader.

And look for that moment to sage and nuke. I die in hits, hard to attack due to the nerf. Upgrading chase atm isn’t needed as it is totally bug.

With 0 DP same sorc did damage per hit. It’s quite sad how shotgun ranger is out performing the other classes.