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Fujitsu Poly uf 2. The AD datasheet has a sample 4 phase Vcore power supply. I replace those and the board shuts down immediately on power up as if shorted.

Даташиты на микросхемы, используемые в ноутбуках

Now Q31 does not burn out. The board runs a bit longer and something in the Vcore area emits a half second audible buzz before shutting down.

With no more shorted parts making themselves obvious I replace U32 hoping for a lucky fix. The shut down behavior does not change.

A meter can charge the gate enough to turn a MOSFET on and the gate capacitance can hold the charge to keep it on after the probe is removed. Until I knew this, frustrated by the inconsistent presence of shorts, I pulled an apparently shorted Q23 only to have it test good on the DCA Thinking that the faulty U33 might have also destroyed Q32 and Q33 I replace them but the pulls test good and the replacements behave no differently.


A voltage test on the 4 front side gates of Q19, Q23, Q31, Q36 shows that the gate drive signal is reaching each one.

A voltage test on the back side gates via each ADPJ pin 5 shows that the gate drive signals are reaching there too. No scope is available to see if any gate drives datasheeet an out of place waveform.

The buzz comes from the vicinity of the processor and sounds like excessive current from over voltage which the ADP detects and shuts down.

I can easily replace them all but this is a learning experience so I want to figure out how to tell which one has aep3418k. With my ear close to the board to narrow down where the buzz is coming from I accidentally put my lip on Q As I press the power button to make yet another buzz I notice that the temperature of Q36 rises surprisingly fast.

My fingers are not sensitive enough to detect the small temperature rise but my lip did easily. No room for lips on the rest.


ADPK datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Looks like Q36 is carrying too much current but afp3418k is not shorted so it can only carry too much current if told to by a faulty U I replace U34 and the board works. This board was serviced 7 months ago and has not returned so the fix and unwanted subs must work. All times are GMT The time now is Find More Posts by severach.