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Things have not gone well for Colin and Susan since they set about seeing off encroaching forces of evil, first in Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone. Boneland has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Over 50 years ago Alan Garner wrote The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and its sequel, The Moon of Gomra . Boneland by Alan Garner. Boneland book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / Okay, this is it, the book that I have been waiting thirty.

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Thank you for such an interesting post.

I often think that too much attention is given to individual books and not enough to whole careers. I tell writing students that they do not need to cram all their interests into one books, they will have years to exlore their ideas.

It’s great to hear something of one distinguished career. What a thoughtful, analytical post. I have not been able to risk reading Boneland, though I know I should, because Garner’s earlier books were so important to me in childhood. He became a bit of a cult hero for my friends and I.

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Alan Garner Boneland – Finding Magic Through the Wreckage Of Time – Nerdalicious

If only I knew where my first edition harback of Red Shift was, with the code on the fly papers that it took us forever to break. My closest friend from those days who corresponded with and met Garner is nagging me to read it so that we can discuss it, so I will.

You’ve reminded me – I’ll read it, and think about why Colin needs to forget. Perhaps because most people do forget – perhaps wilfully – the real nature of childhood. What an interesting post. Alan Garner’s book were also very important to me as a child.

Boneland by Alan Garner – review

But I think they have to stay there. When I went alaj live in South Manchester, some years ago, my first weekend trip was to Alderley Edge, to see it for myself. It was horribly disappointing, not matching up at all to the landscape in my head.

And when The Weirdstone was done anew on the radio last Christmas or re-broadcast thenI didn’t enjoy that either, for the same reason. When you’ve truly entered into the world of a book, you just have to leave it be, Alna think. I won’t try to read Boneland.


Boneland by Alan Garner: review – Telegraph

Thank you for your kind comments. I hope I haven’t put anyone off reading Boneland – if you’re interested in Garner as a writer, I’d say it is essential reading – but don’t expect it to complete the first two books in any conventional sense. If it’s a sequel to anything, it’s Strandloper and Thursbitch. It is a very thought-provoking book, especially for bonelabd writer.

Thank you for such a long and detailed analysis. Alan Garner has influenced so many people, and given pleasure to so many readers, that he deserves a study of his whole oeuvre If.

The identification of the writer with the shaman is critical and true of many creative artists. The landscape of the mind is often far more interesting than the real landscape, which is why fantasy remains fascinating even for adults. Posted by Bobeland Ward at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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