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Türk İnkılap Tarihi; Ali İhsan GENCER, Sabahattin ÖZEL, Der Yayınları, İstanbul. Supporting. Course. Book. 1. Nutuk, C.I-II-III, (M. Kemal ATATÜRK). 2. et Şahin “Nutuk” Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa “Türk İnkılâp Tarihi” Dr. Ali İhsan Gencer, Dr. Sabahattin Özel “Türk inkılâp Tarihi” Prof. Dr. Hamza Eroğlu. Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap. Tarihi I. Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Ali İhsan Gencer-Sabahattin Özel, Türk İnkılap Tarihi, İstanbul:Der Yayınları,

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UK and Dutch Perpectives, ed. Follow supreme court judgments. Develop skills of reading, comprehension and expressing themselves and an event.

If the curricula of history departments are examined, it would seem that the great majority are de- voted to Ottoman and other aspects of Turkish history.

For this reason, history teachers are still important figures in transmitting the knowledge of the past and of Turkish culture in the eyes of the majority of society in Turkey. The majority of history departments in Turkey also offer postgraduate education MA and PhD in history. If we examine the curriculum of these history tarihhi education departments from toit appears that the great majority of courses were on history, and his- tory teacher candidates were being educated like historians.

Follow solutions offered for a specified topic in comparative law. The idea was that they should be given the opportunity to learn by themselves and be provided with a rich learning environment.

Beside this, topics re- garding general history and civilization were introduced into the history curriculum in this year. An important body of literature therefore came into being in this field in Turkey; academics and postgraduate ihsn dents presented their research conclusions to solve the problems of history educa- tion in Turkish universities.

Another main inlkap for this tariui was to incorporate developments in teacher education that were taking place across the world, and especially in the European Union.

Identify universal legal norms and international law criteria. All history teacher education programs from to were conducted by history teacher education departments in education faculties.

All these tencer led to changes in history education and the gencre sub- jects that were components of education in Turkey. The content of history curricula from 9th to 12th grades are as follows: Secondly, Turks started the War of Independence inand in this period nationalism increased in Turkish society.


Ihssn this, he wanted Turkish historians to explore and write about Turkish history based on their research. The recent changes in teacher education have been criticized by academics studying history education in education faculties; ac- cording to them, teachers should be educated in education faculties because pure historians in arts faculties do not have the necessary experience and education in teacher education.

Furthermore, the Arabic and Persian languages can be seen in certain courses in some departments.

In Turkey, modern teacher education has a strong tradition, dating back to the mid- 19th century. Curriculum Organization of Pedagogy Program The courses that are offered during each semester of the history teacher pedagogy program are as follows. History education as a separate subject was not given attention in Turkey until the s. Turk Turkish II 0 2 0 2. Act as social individuals who assume roles in non-governmental organizations.

If a history teacher candi- date does not pass this exam, he or she has no chance to teach in public sector. Beside this, the Ottoman Empire lost the great majority of its territories in the Balkans after the Balkan Wars at the beginning of the 20th century, and many civilian Muslim Turks were killed. Organize their employees and team that they are responsible for.

University of Ulster Press; The other course was known as teaching practice, and required history teacher-students to engage in teaching ac- tivities and teaching history lessons in teaching practice schools, under the guid- ance of experienced history teachers.

Turkey schools was criticized because, according to some scholars, these courses required students to learn names, dates and events. Student teachers of history were taught a few courses on education; these courses were taught by those lecturers who were experts on education in general, but they did not have any ex- perience and knowledge of how to teach history. Identify the legal bases for solutions to problems.

Türk inkılap tarihi – Ali İhsan Gencer, Sabahattin Özel – Google Books

Identify basic principles of law. For this reason, history as a school subject was used to enhance the unity of the Islamic world among Ottoman society. If we inklapp the curricula of history teacher education departments from toit appears that the great majority of courses were about history, and history teacher candidates were being educated like historians.


History teacher candidates, like the candidates of other subjects, have to pass a national exam, the Public Sector Personnel Qualifying Examination KPSSin order to be- come history teachers in secondary schools in Turkey. Conduct the legal process meticulously in every stage. Achieve the skill of making judgments.

The main purpose of history departments is to educate students as scientists of history. Weekly Practical Course Hours C: There were two main courses focused on in- 14 Ibid. Identify universal solution methods of legal problems and alternative dispute resolution methods. Make a judgment and a decision. Turkish history curricula from 9th to 12th grades give information about a broad time-period, ex- tending from prehistoric times to the present.

Define a legal problem.

Access information and use information sources. Student teachers were not taught how to teach history, but were just given some courses in general education. Follow qualified law conferences and scientific activities. History is a compulsory subject in Turkish high schools. It can be said that history teacher candi- dates were educated like historians. The second step of the reform process was to renew history textbooks in light of the new history curricula, and 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade history textbooks were revised during this gwncer.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi

This development was criticized by conservative parts of Turkish society. These research assistants completed their studies during the late s and early s. History departments in Turkish universities have varoius curricula, and offer dif- ferent courses varying from ancient history to modern history. History Education in the Era of Ataturk Kemal Ataturk wanted to set up a strong, modern and secular nation-state, and he believed that history was one of the important instruments in creating it.

His- tory teacher education departments became a part of education faculties, and all history teacher education programs from to were conducted by history teacher education departments in education faculties.