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Chan Carusone has taught analog circuits both at the university and via short- courses to industry. He also serves as a consultant in the areas of analog and. ANALOG INTEGRATED. CIRCUIT DESIGN. David Johns. Ken Martin. University of Toronto. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York • Chichester • Brisbane. Toronto. Dr. Chan Carusone is a specialist in analog and digital IC design in This edition features extensive new material on CMOS IC device.

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His research on analog integrated circuits has garnered several best paper awards at leading international conferences. For over 10 years, Prof. Chan Carusone has taught analog circuits both at the university and via short-courses to industry. He also serves as a consultant in the areas of analog and mixed-signal design. He has authored over 60 conference and journal papers and has served on the editorial boards of citcuit leading research periodicals.


Analog Integrated Circuit Design, 2nd Edition by Tony Chan Carusone – PDF Drive

Johns has cirvuit with the University of Toronto where his is currently a full professor. He has ongoing research programs in the areas of analog integrated circuits, high-speed data communications, and signal processing resulting in more than 40 publications.

He has been involved in numerous industrial short courses and spent a 1 year research leave with Brooktree Corp. He was a co-founder with K. Martin of Snowbush Inc.

Analog Integrated Circuit Design, 2nd Edition

Ken Martin has been a faculty member at the University caeusone Toronto since when he accepted the endowed Stanley Ho Professorship in Microelectronics. From to he was a member of the Scientific Research Staff at Bell Northern Research, Ottawa, Canada, where he did some of the early research in integrated, switched-capacitor networks.

He has also been a consultant to many high-technology companies in the areas of high-speed analog and digital integrated circuit design and a successful entrepreneur having co-founded with D. Martin is a celebrated author and researcher having co-authored 3 other books and over research papers and received numerous awards.


But increasing Veff by some ratio, also cafusone unity gain frequency Wta by same ratio, making SR independent of Veff.

As you say, increasing Veff with constant bias current reduces the unity-gain frequency.

Therefore, the compensation capacitor size can also be reduced while maintaining the circujt phase margin. This reduction in Cc provides an attendant improvement in slew rate. Assuming r in s means that R s may be neglected in 4.

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