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The Art of War by. Antoine Henri de Jomini. (Baron de Jomini). General & Aide-de -Camp of the Emperor of Russia. Originally Published in French in Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Art of War by Baron de Jomini Antoine-Henri, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Eavesdropping on Hell Robert J.

Jul 17, Robotspider rated it it was jominu. Grant and William T. His Swiss patriotism was indeed strong, and he withdrew from the Allied Army in when he found that he could not prevent the Allies’ violation of Swiss neutrality. Still, this was not a very engaging read considering its classic status. As Jomini himself notes, technology and tactics change; people, politics, and strategy tend not to.

The Art of War by baron de Antoine Henri Jomini

Grand Tactics is the art of posting troops upon the battle-field according to the accidents of the ground, of bringing them into action, and the art of fighting upon the ground. The Art of War was first published in as Precis de l’Art de Guerre Paris and was reprinted in “augmentee d’un appendice. Inthe United States caused a descent to be made upon the coast of Mexico, at Vera Cruz, with an army of thirteen thousand men, under the command of General Scott.

Napoleon regarded him antonie highly he made him Baron De Jomini. Page 22 – Russia, furnish bloody proofs of these truths. The defense of Ney almost cost Jomini his position in the Russian service. Antoine Henri de Jomini was one of Napoleon’s most capable generals. Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini I have to re-read antoiine book as it is one of the harder reads.

However, when war between France and Russia broke out, he was jmini a difficult position, which he dealt with by taking a noncombat command on the line of communication. In the Spanish campaign of his advice was often of the highest value to the marshal, but Jomini quarrelled with his wqr, and he was left almost at the mercy of his numerous enemies, especially Louis Alexandre Berthierthe thhe chief of staff.


This was an interesting, but exhausting read Page 50 – Its archives should be furnished with numerous historical details of the past, and with all statistical, geographical, topographical, and strategic treatises and papers for the present and future. My secondary purpose was to collect quotable phrases, and that I did. No need to go into great detail. Jomini’s “Art of War” was taught to several generations of West Point cadets, including many of our Civil War leaders.

He succeeded, however, in overcoming the resistance of his enemies and took part in the Congress of Vienna. Looking for beautiful books? It is a classic on the subject, and, even if too abstract and academic, can be a useful book to understand the military in that era.

It is embraced in the following maxims: Next in importance come the qualities hengi his personal character. And, one might add, at minimizing Clausewitz’s, for he clearly perceived the Prussian writer as his chief competitor.

The art of war

Jomini served in the campaign, serving on Ney’s staff. While in Russian service, Jomini tried hard to promote a more scientific approach at the general staff academy he helped to antone. His intelligence, facile pen, and actual experience of war made his writings a great deal more credible and useful than so brief a description can imply. Strategy is the art of making war upon the map, and comprehends the whole theater of operations. Definitions of the Branches of the Art of War, at Later he became aide-de-camp to this Emperor.

For some years thereafter, Jomini held both a French and a Russian commission, with the consent of both sovereigns. Among other things, combats may be mentioned as often being quite independent of scientific combinations, and they may become essentially dramatic, personal qualities and inspirations and a thousand other things frequently being the controlling elements.


The Art of War by Antoine-Henri de Jomini

Lines of operation and the movement of large armies will most likely never be my forte. He who awaits the attack is everywhere anticipated: Apr 18, David rated it it was amazing. Grand Tactics is the art of posting troops upon the battlefield according to the accidents of the ground, of bringing them into action, and the art of fighting upon the ground, in contradistinction to planning upon a map.

The Art of War Sun Tzu. InJomini published his views as to the conduct of the impending war with Prussia. Jomini was born in Payerne in the canton of VaudSwitzerlandon 6 Marchwhere [1] his father served as mayor. Page 69 – Strategy is the art of making war upon the map, and comprehends the whole theater of operations.

However, the pretext for censure was, in Jomini’s own view, trivial and baseless, and during the armistice Jomini did as he had intended to do in — and went into the Russian service.

Most practical years ago, yet still relevant. Read the “Art of War” for class. Surprisingly quick and easy read.

He died at Passy only a year before the Franco-Prussian War of — He gives careful conside It’s said that every aspiring general hengi the Civil War had a copy of Jomini in his backpack. User Review – Flag as inappropriate two thumbs down.

Until his retirement in he was principally employed in the military wqr of the Tsarevich Nicholas afterwards Emperor and in the organization of the Russian staff collegewhich was established in and bore its original name of the Nicholas Academy up to the October Revolution of Other Special Editions in this series that deal with the subject of warfare and strategy include: