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Appletters™ is the domino game where you don’t connect the dots, you connect the letters! The apple shaped pouch with a soft, zip-closed top includes tiles . The rules are very similar to Appletters except you start off with 21 tiles per player. Since you get more tiles at first it’s easier to put some big. The goal of the game is to use all your tiles. H. FOR WORD LOVERS WHO LIKE TO KEEP SCORE! (Pencil and Paper required!) U. M. SEE WÊos. Toks R \nu lo.

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A blog for fans of Bananagrams, word games, puzzles, and amazing things. Friday, September 18, Appletters details revealed! The online version of the Toy Directory trade magazine reports that Appletters one of the new games from the makers of Bananagrams, previously mentioned in this post will come with tiles in a cloth apple and will come with instructions for three separate games: In Appleletters, for two to six players ages 5 and up, players alternately add tiles to the first or last letter of a word in the middle of the table, creating a continuous “snake” of new words.

Appletters Rules, Instructions & Directions

Apple Turnover, for two to four players ages 7 and up, is similar to Appleletters. However, each player begins with 21 tiles instead of nine, and may actually replace an opponent’s word with a longer word.


The goal is to be the first player to get rid of tiles. In Applescore, for two to four players ages 7 and up, players build words as long as possible in crossword-like fashion and get bonus points for length, palindromes and going out first. If the spelling above is correct, this means that the overall physical package is called “Appletters”, while one of the three games that can be played with the equipment is called “Appleletters”.

All of the games sound interesting. Applescore, in particular, sounds like a sort of Bananagrams-Scrabble hybrid that incorporates the emphasis on long words and scoring of Scrabble while retaining the free-flowing nature, individual grids, and speed of Bananagrams. Adding extra points for palindromes is probably the twist I like the most.

According to the rules of Appleletters, players build a single zigzagging chain of words, like the formation used in dominos: If, on a given turn, you cannot add a word to one of the two ends, you must draw three more tiles. The tiles are about twice as thick as Bananagrams tiles, so they can stand up on their own without need for a rack. Appletters is now available.

Appletters rules pdf

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