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ATTINYPU from MICROCHIP >> Specification: 8 Bit MCU, Low Power High Performance, AVR ATtiny Technical Datasheet: ATTINYPU Datasheet. ATtiny (also known as TinyAVR) are a subfamily of the popular 8-bit AVR microcontrollers, .. Timeline[edit]. The following table lists each ATtiny microcontroller by the first release date of each datasheet. ATTINY13 datasheet, ATTINY13 circuit, ATTINY13 data sheet: ATMEL – 8-bit AVR Microcontroller with 1K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash,alldatasheet, .

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Despite ATtiny series is considered extremely cheap and useful, still there is a lack of projects and tutorials about it.

How To Program ATtiny13/ATtiny13a using Arduino IDE – Electronics-Lab

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start building applications using ATtiny13 microcontroller programmed using Arduino IDE. In order to connect the hardware you should first orient the ATtiny as shown in the image.


Now our Arduino is ready to program ATtiny 13, but still we have to set up the ATtiny by installing its core files.

In this tutorial, files by sleepmanj is preferred. To install these files, open your Arduino IDE and navigate to the files drop-down menu, then select preferences.

ATtiny13 Basics – LED dimmen met PWM

Now, navigate to tools-board and click on Boards Manager…. In order to start programming ATtiny 13, we must burn Bootloader to it.

There are two steps to achieve this: After burning the Bootloader, our ATtiny is now ready to be programmed. To make sure that Blink will work correctly, you should first check the diagram below.

ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart – Wikipedia

If you faced any issues while building this project, you can check this list to troubleshoot your project:. Make sure to plug in the capacitor in the correct orientation, negative goes to ground.


If something is different, change it and re-burn the bootloader. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart

Learn how your comment data is processed. Introduction Despite ATtiny series is considered extremely cheap and useful, still there is a lack of projects and tutorials about it. Thanks for your comment and positive input.

It also takes up much more flash space. Not that good for a t13 1 year ago. You are looking for a place to buy ATtiny13? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.