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Egun: The Ifa Concept of Ancestor Reverence (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa) (Volume 3). Awo Falokun Fatunmbi. from: $ Awo Baba Falokun Fatunmbi is a white North American, who at the age of 38 visited Nigeria with the purpose of studying the Yoruba traditions Ifa Orisa. Ebora: Ifa and the Hero’s Journey: Volume 2 (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa). 9 June by Awo Fa’Lokun Fatunmbi.

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The crime of extortion carries a ten year prison sentence in Federal Prison with guys named snake and bubba. Unfortunately the only restraints we can hope he will be tied with are Ifa restraints. Another former client told me that Mr. A few days ago Awo Falokun wrote a long dissertation on “gossip” and how it relates to the 16 Laws of IFA, I did not agree with his opinion on gossip so I published a rebuttal, For me it is disappointing that he has chosen to accuse unnamed “enemies” of zwo and ANYONE speaking to this newsworthy issue, rather than address the Ode Remo challenge to his credentials.

June 9, at It could get worse it could get better, we will see.

Is Falokun a fake?

Home Help Search Login Register. Iwa Pele loosely means “good character”. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The reason is the size of the fraud does not make it any less of a fraud, secondly in Yorubaland and particularly within our religion, internet access and expertise is a recent improvement, communication in all but the last few years there was weak at best, in fact it talokun falls woefully short of US and European standards.


I do take exception to Awo Falokun’s innuendos that writing or comment on this relevant, newsworthy situation is “gossip”. Now pay attention this is the important part of this scenario. Neither have I belittled Awo Falokun.

Get to Know Us. OKD Another forum https: The people that he initiated should collect their money back from him and contact fatunbmi to redo their initiation if they still want to belong to Ode Remo lineage, if not they are free to go anywhere they please. In other words they aren’t a Babalawo in either the African, the Afro-Cuban, or any other branch of Ifa.

: Awo Falokun Fatunmbi: Books

What now seems fairly evident is that Ode Remo has challenged not only Awo Falokun’s credentials but has made it very clear he was not trained sufficiently to acquire any significant rank while under Ode Remo’s tutelage. This is why discussing a matter of this magnitude is news, not gossip. The clear implication is what everybody can see with unaffected eyes: During the initiation of Adebolu Fatunmise at the moment of reading it was foretold that he would teach a white Babalawo in practice and that Babalawo turned out to be Awo Falokun Fatunmbi, the author of a number of books about the Ifa Orisa tradition.

Certainly the conversation is damning, yet as the Oba states faunmbi investigation is ongoing and not complete.

All I know is that every ratunmbi, in every way, I am gladder and gladder to be Independent. Salami’s largely because A He has a bigger support base of followers and B because a substantial amount of time passed before his Yorubaland council and araba Ode Remo made a judgement.

I am a Baba Awo from a Lucumi rama in Havana and do not fall under the jurisdiction of their respected Araba, nor any council of theirs, yet I certainly do respect their authority and tradition inside of greater Yorubaland. Sadder still that a mind like Mr.

  HIOKI 3541 PDF

Wilson and his minions those he made and so on are continuing to promote their services and sell ceremonies that according to Ode Remo where Mr. My partners said everything was getting better and they needed me in a short period of time.

David Wilson AKA Falokun Katunmbi

So if anyone is deceiving anyone it is David Falokun Wilson. In fact, the usual translation of the law is this ” They the Babalawos warned, do not call esuru a type of yam esuru Which means do not say what you do not know “. They become more difficult to prosecute based on falolun, and the determination done case to case on whether the plaintiff s and defendant s are public figures.

Salami does not have or share knowledge in his books, he does. The reasons I am lumping these three together is they are similar. Every day, in every way, I am gladder and gladder to be Independent. He is a liar.

Available to ship in days. December 22, at 4: This all seems quite a facade for anyone who is an elder of Lucumi, or a serious falojun of Lucumi. His supporters claim he did have permissions, yet according to the governing body of Ode Remo he did not. If the wisdom of the ancestors ever inspired you, if the wisdom of the ancestors ever gave you clarity, if the wisdom of the ancestors ever brought joy to your heart do not xwo the cyber bullies destroy our faith.