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Home · Arizona Department of Economic Security. Your Partner for a Stronger Arizona. AZ Gov Logo. About DES · Services · Contact Us · Document Center. Forgot Your User Name? Enter the Email Address you used to create the account , your Case Number, and Date of Birth of the Primary Person on the case. The Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual, also known as the FAA Policy Manual, has moved to:

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With a DB account, you can easily save and find your favorite DB pages, mini-tools, and estimator sessions. Or, you can download the application for benefitsprint it, fill it out, and then either mail or fax it to your local Family Assistance Administration FAA office. You can also request a paper application from your local FAA office. If you need help locating your local FAA office, use the online tool to search by city or zip code. Next, you will have an eligibility, or fact-finding, interview.

The interview will be at aazdes local FAA office. You will need hov show documentation about your situation, including your citizenship statusyour azdex composition, your disabilityincome, resourcesmedical expenses, and shelter costs.

Department of Economic Security – Arizona Ombudsman

The Arizona Department of Economic Security has a list of the documents you may need to submit or azdss with you to the interview. FAA will make a decision within seven days if you qualify for expedited benefits or within 30 days for regular Nutrition Assistance.

They will mail their decision to you. You can also check the status of your application online at My Family Benefits.

  LEY 28325 PDF

If you need help filling out the application form or have questions about the proofs FAA needs for your application, be sure to ask.

They want to help you get benefits if you are eligible. You can call FAA at You will get instructions from Nutrition Assistance on how to report changes. A lot of times, the denial may be because Azde needs more information from you. If you need to file an appeal, you must do so within 90 days of the decision notice. Ask an Arizona Work Incentive Consultant your azces about work and benefits.

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Food Stamps Application Instructions

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Glossary Categorical Eligibility A way of automatically qualifying for a benefit because you are in a specific situation. With categorical eligibility, it does not matter whether you meet other program requirements.

Categorical eligibility is a common way people qualify for Nutrition Assistance formerly Food Stamps. Azdee earned income before taxes and other deductions are made plus your unearned income. Gog household or budgetary unit is all of the people living together whose income and resources must be counted to figure out if the household is eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP. People who buy and make meals together have to be counted as the same budgetary unit.


Certain people may have to be counted azded part of the budgetary unit because of their relationship to each other parents and their children under 22; spouses living together; siblings living together, depending on how old they are. The amount of income you have after certain amounts are subtracted from it. Cash or property that you own, can convert to cash, or can use to support yourself. Stocks, bonds, and savings accounts are a few examples of resources.

The home you live in and the car you drive to work are exempt under most Social Security and state disability benefit programs. Tell us how DB helped! Close Would you like to take a short survey telling us about your experience with DB?

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DB Arizona – Nutrition Assistance: The Details – Application

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