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Oil Field Familiarization: Training Guide. Front Cover. Baker Hughes INTEQ, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Oil Field Familiarization. 7 ဇန်နဝါရီ Oil Field Familiarization Baker Hughes INTEQ Training Guide Total page () File size () MB download link. Android ဖုန်းမှာ install. One of the key technological developers for the Troll field, Baker Hughes INTEQ, has been a leading innovator in the Norwegian sector for.

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For many years the Norwegian market has yielded numerous opportunities for exploration, and in turn fuelled the development famkliarization advanced drilling and oilfield technologies to support these operations. Our business consists of providing the vast niteq of the major operators in the local sector with drilling and evaluation solutions, including directional services, Rotary Steerable services, applications and engineering solutions, and technical support.

Nic Oilffield, business development manager INTEQ Norway, explains that since the company has been active in the Norwegian sector, its drive for innovation has been perfectly matched by the demands of the market: The high rig rates and rich drilling environment since the early s has enabled us to develop a large portfolio of technologies and services that we maintain and repair at our local facilities in Stavanger.

The company has worked with the leading players in the Norwegian sector, co-operating closely to develop technology for specific demands: They want us to provide real answers while drilling, so that they can position their wells in the most accurate way possible.


Secondly, it is very important that we are totally aligned with them so that we can minimise non-productive time NPT and increase reliability. Consequently, we ensure that our technology and services provide maximised performance and minimised downtime in every operation.

Oil Field Familiarization: Training Guide – Google Books

In this instance, the business worked with StatoilHydro: Using the latest technology, the system considerably improves onteq and hole quality in directional wells, giving clients lower drilling costs, improved well productivity and easier access to oil and gas reserves. These advantages have been well highlighted at Troll.

On this particular field there inreq a very thin oil layer, where the ability to steer within a 30 centimetre accuracy allows optimised production, and this would never have been possible without AutoTrak.

Aside from this, Barry explains that the company has a number of other innovative technologies in its portfolio: Now that we can place oilfiel wells so precisely geometrically we can drill to almost any point in the reservoir. This combined with formation evaluation technologies such as AziTrak, the new Integrated Azimuthal Resistivity tool, means that we can really maximise the hydrocarbon recovery potential for our clients.

The potential of Beacon is such that it can be used effectively thousands of kilometres away.

Baker Hughes INTEQ

Culturally we have adopted a strategy that is closely based around the requirements of our clients, and of the Norwegian market, and we are very proud of what we have managed to achieve.


It really is a long-term commitment that we have here, and we hope that we can carry this forward. Looking ahead, Barry believes that the wealth of exploration opportunities in Norway will yield further success for the company: Much of this will be centred around the fact that due to increasing rig and drilling rates, everyday that is spent exploring has to be managed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst maximising the information available to the clients.

Accordingly, some of the areas that we are particularly focusing on for the coming years include advanced telemetry to ensure that we get as much data up the hole as quickly as possible. Barry Jarvis Intelligent solutions For many years the Norwegian market has yielded numerous opportunities for exploration, and in turn fuelled the development of advanced drilling and oilfield technologies to support these operations.

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